Sailing in Playa Coco, Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Sailing in Playa Coco, Costa Rica

Sailing in Playa Coco, Costa Rica

Sailing in Playa Coco, Costa Rica

Sailing in Playa Coco, Costa Rica

Sailing in Playa Coco, Costa Rica

Sailing in Playa Coco, Costa Rica

Hola, friends. How is everyone doing today? I am loving hanging out in a remote area of Costa Rica. The only problem is that the internet connection is not great so sometimes my calls get dropped. Ugh!

Several weeks ago we decided to do some sailing in Playa Coco, Costa Rica. We had a fabulous time on The Spirit of the Ocean, minus a couple of setbacks. First, Will had adhered his Go Pro to the side of the boat via suction cup. Apparently it did not stick strong enough because as soon as he removed his hand the Go Pro fell into the water. I have to admit that it was pretty dramatic. If you were watching the situation unfold you would have thought that Will fell overboard. The kids cried, real tears and I think I might have even seen a tear come down Will’s cheek. If you have been following this blog for a while you know how much we love our Go Pro. Luckily my dad was arriving three days later and he picked one up at Best Buy as a birthday present for Will. Our second issue happened when the captain opened the hatch on the boat and forgot to warn my mom. She backed up, tripped on it and fell down. Thank goodness she only bumped her head a little, unfortunately the captain had his toe in the hatch and he did not fair as well. Overall we had a fantastic day, minus all of the drama. Never a dull moment on our adventures.

We were only in Playa Coco for one day and two nights, but we would still like to share our experience with you.

Playa Coco, Costa Rica

~ Take a sail on The Spirit of the Ocean. We had a fabulous half-day sailing the northern corner of the Nicoya peninsula. The sail included a captain, a tour guide, lunch, beverages and transportation to and from the sailboat. We motored, sailed, ate and even snorkeled in their “secret” spot. In addition, we held a puffer fish, starfish and muscles. Our tour guide actually collected the muscles from our snorkel trip and then prepared fresh ceviche when we returned to the boat. In addition, we learned geography about Playa Coco and broaden our sea creature knowledge.

~ Walk down the main street in Playa Coco. This street has a mix of restaurants, souvenir shops, an art gallery and live music.

~ Le Coq. We had amazing falafel’s at this nondescript outdoor stand. The best part was that we had the opportunity to socialize with quite a cast of characters while sitting at the bar.

~ vrbo.com. This was our first time using VRBO. We stayed in a gorgeous place for a reasonable rate, but we still love airbnb.com more. What I disliked most about VRBO is that we had to deal with paying the owner in person rather than transferring it from our bank account. Plus, VRBO is just not as organized, user-friendly and efficient as airbnb.com. Nonetheless, we still stayed in a fabulous condo.

Next time we would like to stay longer and have more of an opportunity to explore. It would be great to take day trips to the other beach communities.

Ok, I am off to swim in the ocean and continue celebrating Will’s birthday. I hope you are having a great day.


p.s. And yes this is the Will and Largo show. Ha!


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