Bicycle Remodelling: How To

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bicycle remodelling, princess to dragon

bicycle remodelling, princess to dragon

Hello Friend. This is a true story of a bike that was transformed from its princess roots to a fire breathing dragon. It was pretty simple and quick. I am sure you are aware of how costly replacement bikes can be. Over the years we have reduced this cost by using craigslist and lawn sales for our purchases. This was our first experiment with bicycle remodeling. An oldie but goodie. What do you think?

Our son LOVED it. When people comment about it, he tells them “my mommy made it for me.” It makes me so happy to see the joy he gets out of riding his “new” bike.

So, if you are interested in doing this yourself I am going to list the supplies and steps below:


  • Duct tape in a pattern your child would like
  • Colored paint for the rims of the bike
  • Colored marker for the tires


  1. Paint any areas that have metal on them that you do not plan to duct tape.
  2. Duck tape remaining parts and seat.
  3. Use the colored marker to change the inside stripe on the tires.

That’s it, super easy, economical and fun! Oh, be sure to take a before and after picture, you will treasure it for years to come.

hugs and kisses,
Gumdrop Mom

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