French Kisses


I have had the pleasure of having my children in an American (public) and an International (private, French) school. I have noticed many differences in the teacher – student relationship and I will write about them from time to time. Today I want to discuss kisses and hugs.

Both of my children are very affectionate individuals. We have showered them with hugs, kisses, snuggles, etc since birth, so it was a bit of a shock when my oldest went to preschool and all of that stopped during the day. On the flip side, my son is having a completely different experience. He attended a Spanish preschool and is now in a French Kindergarten. He is greeted each morning with a big hug and a kiss, he loves it.

I have noticed that the male teachers (there are very few) do not do this. However, they lend a kind hand on the kid’s shoulder and bend down to talk to them on their level. Would you be ok with a male teacher hugging your child or kissing them on the cheek?

Is it a cultural difference? Are the Spanish and French more affectionate than Americans? Do your children’s teachers kiss and hug them? If not, would be opposed to it?

Gumdrop Mom

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