Wonderful French Immersion Teachers: Merci Madame!


french immersion


Have you or your children ever had an amazing teacher? Someone who stood out amongst the crowd of educators? Our children have been in the public and private systems for several years now. In their short encounter with teachers we have had some pretty amazing ones, but one stands out above the rest. Someone that went beyond the curriculum and really took pride in teaching these children about the world and themselves.

I had the pleasure of meeting Madame B when my daughter entered her first grade classroom in the Fall of 2010. She was teaching the 100% French Immersion program at a greater Boston school. During the course of that year I spent time volunteering in the computer lab once a week and here is what I saw:

  • A woman who inspired her students to push themselves beyond their comfort zone.
  • A woman who was able to command the respect of her students without yelling, ringing a bell or taking away the days privileges.
  • A woman who would attend every birthday, play, concert, sporting event that her students invited her to.
  • A woman who recognized the value of a second language and did everything within her power to make sure these children really got it.
  • A woman who taught the children about other cultures (intro pictures), music, animals/reptiles, recycling, etc.
  •  A woman who encouraged the students to be responsible even if it was not expected of them at home.
  • A woman who supported her students dreaming big and thinking outside the box.
  • AND ABOVE ALL… A woman who loved to teach her students and was fulfilled when they blossomed.


french immersion

french immersion

Thank you Madame B for all you did, do and will do for future generations!

Do you have a teacher like Madame B in your life? What made them special? Have you ever told them how much you valued them?

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