Bonjour, friends! How are you? Do you have a full week? Are you in the US and gearing up for a big Thanksgiving feast? We had a huge Thanksgiving day party last year in Quito to share the tradition with our local friends. This year we have opted to keep it slow and simple. It is not a French holiday (obviously) and it is a work/school night for us, plus we have had a long two months so we are pretty darn tired. The plan is to make a pumpkin pie, do a craft and watch the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Day movie. I think after cooking for 40 people last year, my measly pumpkin pie should be easy to accomplish. So tell me, do you cook each year, attend a family gathering, do friendsgiving or something different? If you have experienced a unique Thanksgiving Day tradition while traveling please share it.

Drum roll please… I would like to formally introduce you to my/our latest adventure… WorldTowning! I am sure many of you have noticed some changes around here and on my social media. Yes, we are changing! It is a good thing. We are launching a new business in January 2017. Will and I will still be blogging and vlogging, but it will just be under the brand WorldTowning™ instead of three different platforms. My goal over the next several weeks is to bring all of our social media up to date with the new logo in order to be ready once the new business and website launch in January. I appreciate your patience during this time of transition.

We are all excited about this new adventure that will bring us closer to the areas that matter most to us: family, community, adventure, learning, food and volunteering, all while traveling. We love this travel life and that’s why we’ve decided to turn our reality into a reality for your dreams. I wish I could share all the details about the new business at this time, but we are not ready quite yet. However, if you follow us on social media, I’ll be dropping hints to get everyone excited. Some hints will be spot on and others will just be because I want to spread the love of the color orange, the prominent color in our new brand.

I am going to do my best to post regularly here while we are in transition. I know I have not been very good about that over the last couple of months, but it has been C.R.A.Z.Y folks! I love this blog and all of you, there is no intent to stop blogging. All of my new business deliverables were just sent to the website creatives and developers today so hopefully the madness will slow down a bit. And then, look who is here lurking around the corner, well hello Christmas. Did it come faster this year or is it just me? My goal for the rest of today is to get my Christmas self in order and see what we need. It is not always easy to find the items we need on the spot outside the US so I must plan early. We don’t really do gifts, we do adventures, but we are big on crafting and baking. Lets get this party started!

As many of you know, I decided to take a week off from my personal Facebook page. Frankly, I needed a break from the time suck it created in my day while on the cusp of launching a business. It felt good, however, I truly missed seeing our friends across the globe making a difference, sharing amazing articles and spreading kindness. As a result of this break I have decided that I will venture on to my personal FB page from time to time, but I will not co-mingle it with my new business going forward. Maybe occasionally, like when I launch the biz in January, but overall I want to keep it all on the WorldTowning FB page for those of you who really want to be part of this community. If you have not LIKED the WorldTowning FB page be sure to pop on over and hit that button. I will share this post on my personal page, but going forward I will not continue to do that.

Do you remember that I had a load of computer problems in October? I am still trying to catch up with all the drama that occurred on my hard drive. If you sent me a message or files for Inside a Traveler’s Walls and you never heard back from me please reach out. I am sure some items slipped through the cracks, my apologies. Also, if you notice anything wacky with my social media or something that I forgot to change to WorldTowning please let me know. I am doing my best to make this is seamless, but I am not perfect.

And in closing, what would you like to know about our life in France? Should I do a FB live? I think they seem quite fun. Do you have any topics you would like me to cover? How about blog posts? Is there anything your curious about regarding life in France?

Ok, I am going to keep in short, just wanted to let you all know that I am still here and I will be back tomorrow with Inside A Traveler’s Walls. Have a fabulous day.



4 thoughts on “WorldTowning™!

    1. Hello!!! How are you guys? I will do a post or even a FB live about the kids transition, however they did speak French fluently before we came so this was not one of the transitions for us. But, I can discuss the transition to a French/Spanish speaking school in Costa Rica and Ecuador because they did not speak Spanish before we went. Thanks!

  1. Congratulations! Exciting times are ahead! I would love to learn more about the visa process and any other information you might find relevant for a family wanting to live in France longer than 3 months. Also, how did your kids learn to become fluent in French & how has your ability to communicate with locals been if you aren’t fluent? Thanks!

    1. Hello Annette! Thanks for reaching out. We had all the same questions. We did do a youtube video about applying for the visa. https://youtu.be/138e_av3jJs. I will do a post regarding your other questions, but if you need immediate answers feel free to PM me on FB. In a nutshell it was all easier than we expected, time consuming, but easier. Our kids were in a French international school in the US for several years before we started traveling, but I will elaborate on this in a post. So far it has not been hard for us to communicate. We just started French classes. Also, we have the kids, Google translate and the locals speak enough French for us to get by, but I will elaborate in a post. Look for it in the upcoming weeks. Have a great day. Thanks for following the blog and our travels.

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