WorldPeople: Sandy and Suzanna in Fez, Morocco


WorldPeople is our weekly series to introduce you to the amazing people we meet on our journey – and share the life lessons we’ve learned from spending time with fellow WorldTowners, as well as locals.

Fez, Morocco


Name: Sandy and Suzanna

Occupation: Writers

Birth country: New Zealand and Australia

Age: Youthful

What makes Sandy and Suzanna wonderful humans: They moved to a “new to them” country and embraced the culture whole heartedly. They did not try to change it to their 1st world countries, but rather changed to it.

Part of our Worldschooling program is to read a book set in each country we visit. I first met Suzanna virtually after reading her book “A House in Fez.” Her book gave us a greater understanding of the culture, the architecture and the people of Fez, Morocco. The kids were so inspired by her book they wanted to meet her in person. Suzanna and I exchanged several messages from which I learned that not only was she an amazing writer, but she was an integral part of the medina community by way of education, community and family. We all decided that we wanted to donate our services to the Medina Children’s Library she co-founded in the city center.

Upon meeting Suzanna in person she was even more charming and authentic than we had anticipated. We sat together on the library floor chatting about the direction she wanted the video to take, life in Fez, her children and much more. We meet a lot of WorldTowners as we travel full-time and everyone does this travel life in their own way, but if I had to list the five people I believe do this life authentically with a huge effort to become an essential part of the local community Suzanna (and her partner Sandy) would be top on that list.

We happened to be in Fez during the launch of Sandy’s new book “Through the Peacock Gate.”We got to hear an excerpt from the book read by Sandy and learn about all the research and dedication that went into writing a book of this nature with great accuracy. Again, he was charming and authentic just like Suzanna. All one has to do is spend a couple of minutes with Sandy and Suzanna to know that they are very much in love with life in Fez and its people.

Before we departed we were invited to dinner at their riad with their children (Malika and Zaki) and friends visiting from out of town. We had an amazing local meal, passionate conversation and a perfect close to our time in Fez. Fez was my personal favorite stop in Morocco and I believe it had a lot to do with the connection we made to local community during our visit. Thank you to Suzanna and Sandy for welcoming our crazy family into your community.

Our plan is to launch a Go Fund to solicit donations for the library as soon as Will has finished editing the video. If you want to see the “behind the scenes” footage you can view our blog from the experience.

Everyone should be lucky enough to meet people like Sandy and Suzanna as they travel the world. WorldTowning should not just be about seeing the sights and keeping track of how many countries you have been to, but the connection to the people you interact with as you travel.

Go Adventure,

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