WorldPeople: Malibu from Canada


WorldPeople is our weekly series to introduce you to the amazing people we meet on our journey – and share the life lessons we’ve learned from spending time with fellow WorldTowners, as well as locals.


Camino Frances, Spain


Name: Malibu

Occupation: Student

Birth country: Canada

Age: 21

What makes Malibu a wonderful human: He is curious about people and what makes them tick.

It is with great pleasure that I share Malibu with all of you. We met him during our first few days of hiking the Camino. Again, this was a drone connection. When Dronie lifts off, the people come flocking, even if they are on the steepest part of the Camino and in the rain.

Malibu walks with simplicity and ease. He travels with a very small bag, actually the smallest I have seen on the Camino. He is dressed in tan with a unique hat. His attire makes me think of the original pilgrims. He is not tricked out in all the latest hiking gear or efficient tech gadgets. Malibu never complains, even when he does not have a bed and has to walk through the night. When asked why he is hiking he responded, “I have been working/schooling long hours for years. I wanted a break, as well as to grow closer to God.”

Malibu hiked on and off with us for the first week, then we took a work day and he proceeded ahead. Luckily, we were able to connect with him and other friends again in Burgos, Spain for the evening before we took another work day and they proceeded on. He has a deadline that is aggressive so I doubt we will see him again, unless we speed it up considerably.

In a time when 18-22-year-olds get a bad rap, I can say that I completely disagree. Of course, there are still those kids who don’t know how to do laundry and would not be allowed to jump on an international flight without adult supervision. But, from where we sit in this WorldTowning journey we meet 18-22-year-olds every day that are fabulous. If they are our future we are in a good place. Their focus, global thinking, simplicity of living, resourcefulness, and ability to communicate with older generations is admirable. This young generation continues to inspire us in every way and Malibu is no exception.

It has been a pleasure walking with him. I hope our travel paths cross again one day.

Go Adventure,

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