WorldPeople: Karin in Hyères, France


WorldPeople is our weekly series to introduce you to the amazing people we meet on our journey – and share the life lessons we’ve learned from spending time with fellow WorldTowners, as well as locals.

Hyères, France


Name: Karin

Occupation: Artist of paint and language

Birth country: France

Age: 49

What makes Karin a wonderful human: She has a giant heart.

Karin is one of my good friends from our time living in the south of France.

I met Karin on a whim. Will and I had decided to take French lessons together so we picked up a flyer at the tourism office. I sent Karin an email requesting a meeting and we set up a rendezvous. Come to find out she lived right across the street from us which made it quite convenient for classes. Will and I were not model students and we never studied due to our intense work schedule. As a result, we decided French lessons at that time were not the best idea for us, but we remained good friends with Karin and her family.

Karin is a lady full of talents, but the one that shines through the most is her ability to paint beautifully. If you look real close you can almost always find people in her art, her mood dictates how many. She is humble, helpful, full of love and an overall good person.

During our time as neighbors/friends we enjoyed many special moments, dinners, art events, etc. But, one of my clearest memories is when she came to my rescue when the authorities visited our apartment to do a full documentation of its contents because our landlady was not paying her mortgage. Karin was also there when I needed a native speaker to accompany me to the doctor and she was there when I needed translation help. She has been a very helpful and understanding friend and one I am grateful for.

Karin has lived in Australia, Mexico and France. Her approach to life is that of a humanist. She has a good heart, an open mind and she is always up for an adventure, regardless of how crazy it sounds. My kind of people. If you want to learn more about Karin you can find her art here and here. 

And… buy some art! Her stuff is fabulous!

Go Adventure,

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