WorldPeople: Dan and Richard in Chefchaouen, Morocco


WorldPeople is our weekly series to introduce you to the amazing people we meet on our journey – and share the life lessons we’ve learned from spending time with fellow WorldTowners, as well as locals.

Chefchaouen, Morocco


Name: Dan and Richard

Occupation: Retired/Artists

Birth country: Holland

Quote:  I don’t want to sit in my sofa and wait till adventure finds me. I go and look for it” ~ Dan

Age: barely over 21

What makes Dan and Richard wonderful humans: These two have such a zest for life. They are retired and could be living a very different life, but they are out adventuring in the world, learning and growing and finding. I admire them for that.

I was first introduced to Dan when I returned to Lemonade after a cold shower. I was a bit cranky and still a tad sick, but his cheery demeanor and welcoming smile made me realize that a cold shower is not the end of the world. We chatted a bit and then I retreated to my office in Lemonade, it was a work day for us. Sometime later Dan popped over and offered us a beer and an invitation to join him and his friend Richard for a cocktail after work. The laughter right outside our door was alluring and it was not long before Will and I joined them and a lady from Switzerland.

Richard was just as charming as Dan. Richard, a fabulous artist and recent death scare survivor had an ease about his approach to life that was captivating. We sat with them for hours talking about travel, art, cow heart valves (a story for another time), spices that smell like body parts and much more. These two characters (and I use that word with the utmost sincerity) have been friends for 50 years. They have stories, happy and sad, funny and furious, stagnant and adventurous that will keep even the most exhausted person entertained. You don’t make it to this point in life without having so much to share with others and Will and I were determined to soak it all in, even if our bellies were still churning from our desert sickness fiasco.

Will and I spend a good amount of time analyzing our life and making sure we are living mindful and very much in the moment, but we are responsible as well and we do plan for retirement. We talk about what we want retirement to look like, where we want to be and how we want to embrace life. Obviously a lot can change in the next twenty years, but if I could pick today I would pick an approach to life very similar to Dan and Richard. They keep their minds open for new experiences which involve people, places and some things. You should have seen the cool shoes they bought in Morocco. They let the day unfold as it will and they don’t enforce any strict agenda on how it should be. Finally, they give the people they love the space to still grow and in return their loved ones do the same for them.

My wish is that every retiree still finds a way to seize the moment and live life to is fullest until their very last breath.

Go Adventure,

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