WorldPeople: Camping Los Escullos, Spain


WorldPeople is our weekly series to introduce you to the amazing people we meet on our journey – and share the life lessons we’ve learned from spending time with fellow WorldTowners, as well as locals.

Los Escullos, Spain


Name: All the guests

Occupation: Retired

Birth country: England, Holland, Denmark

Age: 60+

What makes this community wonderful: They are welcoming to strangers passing through.

In early 2018 we landed in a campground in Spain tired, dirty and overwhelmed with work. I swear we drove in on two wheels, stressed and crazy. If you can imagine a cartoon version of this, that was us. Our door opened, the kids jumped out and our stuff was dumped onto the gravel outdoor space in a matter of three minutes flat. We then shut the door and hibernated for the next six hours in an effort to launch the marketing plan for our second session of WTU. When we opened our doors later in the day we noticed that a block party had emerged. Our neighbor Margaret immediately approached us asking if we wanted to join their happy hour and if we wanted some of the potluck food. It was Friday, we were exhausted and cooking was the last thing on our mind. I think she sensed it. That was the best meal ever and our introduction to this amazing community.

The winter community at Los Escullos is unique. Before our time there and since then, we have yet to find such a special place with a group of families that come back every year to enjoy the winter season. There are several block parties a week in different areas of the campground where everyone brings a dish to share and there is fish n’ chips night at the restaurant every Thursday. Not only is the food good on Thursday, but everyone who plays music jams together. This was our first and only time seeing live music at a campground, it was quite a treat for this music loving family.

Besides being an amazing community in the south of Spain there is also picturesque hiking and a beach within a short walk. They have truly found a little piece of paradise to return to each year. If you have the chance to make your way to this area of the world be sure to say “hi” from us and don’t miss fish n’ chips night.

We have since kept in touch with several of the families and we plan to visit them when we head to the UK in August.

Go Adventure,

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