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As WorldTowners a lot of what we do, well, most of what we do revolves around people. Of course, there are those days where we need to hunker down to work, school and recharge, but engagement with people is a huge part of the premise as to why we choose to live this nomadic life.

When we set off to slow travel the world we had several goals. First, we wanted to connect deeper as a family. Second, we desired grand adventures. Third, we needed culture. Lots and lots of culture. Exposing ourselves to various cultures across the globe was the education we wanted to provide for our children. In addition, we wanted the kids to understand that amazing people are everywhere in the world if we just give ourselves an opportunity to engage with them and say yes.

I once read a comment from a slow traveler where he adamantly stated that travel had not changed him. Really? I find this quite hard to believe, unless maybe he was refraining from interacting with people. We meet the coolest people as WorldTowners and they have changed us. With each new town comes a unique person, with a story and thoughts. These people are the ones who have profoundly impacted us as we travel the globe.

To WorldTown and just see the sights sounds dreadfully boring and frankly quite selfish of us to simple take as we go. As we approach our 4thyear of fulltime travel we look back on the happiest times being those where we connected deeply to natives, other travelers and even animals.

These folks we meet along the way, shall we call them WorldPeople, are pretty amazing. They are humble, they are happy and they are grateful. They range in age from kids to retirees, poverty level to very well off, no formal education to PHDs, they are artists and authors and beef farmers, some have no faith and others have complete faith and they come from starkly different cultures. They will never say they have “wisdom” and they will always say they still have much to learn. They realize they are not perfect and that they have made mistakes along the way. They have experienced loss and triumphed through more than you and I can ever imagine. They have stories to tell and I plan on sharing just a piece of them with all of you in this new series.

I have been struggling with where I want this blog to go. It started out as a personal journal of our travels and it stayed that way for many years. Then when we started WorldTowning I felt compelled to share more of the logistics of this lifestyle with all of you, but it just did not work for me. And then I burned out. I took a break and then came back, but I want to have a new focus. I am slowly working through that focus and each day it is becoming more and more clear. I need this space to be an intimate look into what it truly means to be a WorldTowner.

What does this mean for the blog?

First, I will continue the Inside A Traveler’s Walls series. You all love it, I love it and I think it supports our brand and the WorldTowning philosophy. Second, starting Monday I will be sharing a short post each week about the people we meet along the way, how they impact us, what we have learned and so much more. Again, this will support the brand and our mission to connect people around the world from different cultures. There will be some other changes to the blog, but right now I want to get these two weekly series working seamlessly and then I will introduce the other changes.

I want to thank you for your continued support, your faith in the WorldTowning brand and your amazing suggestions. This brand represents all of us that believe in WorldTowning and the value it brings to the future.

Go adventure,

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