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Bonjour, friends. So, what do you think life looks like working from home with the hot latino? Get your mind out of the gutter, Stacy! Well, I am here to tell you that it is pretty darn cool. Of course, every day is not rainbows and unicorns, but most days our life is filled with productivity, brainstorming, laughs and the occasional morning date at a cafe. Not bad, right?

Are you thinking about starting a travel life? Would you be working at home with a partner? Does this scare you? Have you done it before or is this new territory?

Our path to working from home together did not start out so smooth, but I can tell you now that we are on our third year and it is pretty darn cool. Remember our Costa Rica transition? We have definitely worked out some kinks along the way, for sure. I find us in a very good place now and I cannot imagine either one of us ever going to an office again. Ok, maybe I can, on those days where he is farting and I am PMS’ing. Ha!


  • Date mornings. Will works mostly Boston hours which means his work day usually starts around 2pm and ends after 11pm. Because of the hours, we are never able to spend evenings together watching a movie, chatting or grabbing a cocktail in town, which is a bummer. Frankly we are both trying to “grow” stuff this year so I think better hours would be lost on us anyway. However, on the flip side we often get to enjoy a morning coffee together. We have never been able to do this during the week since we have been together. I find it refreshing to hang with Will in the morning when we are both awake, positive, and full of ideas. Our plan as we continue to settle in is to have a longer date morning once a week in Hyéres where we adventure in the town and share our time with you via vlog. What do you think? Sounds cool, right? Unfortunately at this point our coffee date mornings are short, but I will take what I can get for now. We both have big personal goals for the next year and the only way to bring them to fruition is through hard work and commitment which often cuts our date mornings a bit short, but if all goes well we will ultimately have more time together.
  • Brainstorming. Will and I have time to brainstorm and dream during daylight hours when we are fresh and full of ideas. This has never happened in our relationship. It is fun and productive. I cannot believe we have finally hit a point in this life where we can dream bigger and see the possibility of bringing it to fruition. He has great ideas and I love to bounce my thoughts for the blog, our children and the new business off him. He knows me like no one else, he understands what is good for me and what makes me tick. This is particularly helpful during our coffee dates when brainstorming and building dreams for the future come alive.
  • Immediate results. Will and I have never had this one before either. I have a question, I ask and I get an answer. He has a question, he asks and he gets an answer. Our life used to be filled with voicemails, emails and text that often went unanswered. We now have the luxury of dealing with life issues immediately by finding a solution all while wasting very little time. It happens, we deal, and we move on. Sometimes this can be complicated because we often interrupt each other which blows our train of thought, but you have to take the good with the bad and there sure is a lot of good working from home together.
  • Kids. Because we’re working from home, he gets to spend more time with our children and I get to watch it all unfold. It is beautiful. Once a week Avalon comes home for lunch and they chat. They talk about the big issues, the small issues, life and they laugh. In the morning he walks Largo to school and they chat about life. These are the times that he is able to connect to the kids with a rested mind and the void of his accounting work. He cherishes his time with them. This is a luxury Will was not awarded just a several years ago. He counts this as one of the top advantages of working from home. What parent would complain about more time with their kids?


  • Distraction. I am sure you can imagine what it is like working from home with the hot Latino. I can’t keep my hands off him which in turn makes it difficult for me to focus on my work. Ha, that was funny. He is darn cute, but the above is not the whole truth. The distraction comes when either one of us has an idea that we immediately want to share with the other, regardless of what they are doing. We interrupt each other more than we should and the one whose train of thought is disrupted is not always receptive to the conversation. It is hard to control those spontaneous thoughts, but we are both a work in progress. For some reason we have been particularly bad at this during the last month. I guess if I had to pinpoint a reason it would be because we have had so much going on and a lot to discuss. Unfortunately it does not all surface during our coffee dates. We have tried working in separate rooms, but we quite prefer being together.
  • Cranky days. When one of us has a bad day it often trickles down to the other one. It is the harsh reality. Many times we can bring each other back up to happy days, but not always. When you share an office with your partner they reap the good and the bad times of your mood. Frankly Will and I have very few cranky days, they usually occur when we are unable to complete our work so we do our best to make sure our days are efficient.
  • Work environment. Will and I operate our work spaces very differently. It often drives me crazy that his stuff is everywhere in our living room, even though he has two shelves to put his work items on. We are again a work in progress and learning to tolerate each others different work environments. Also, I like to work in complete silence and occasionally tapping into some light music. Will likes to work with tons of noise, music, sometimes videos playing in the background and he likes all of this loud. He recently suggested I get the noise cancelling headphones in order to make our work environment more functional for both of us. He is a genius. Although I find them cumbersome and expensive, they were worth it. I can easily tune it all out.

Suggestions for sharing a space when working from home:

  • Designate individual work spaces. We are very bad at this and it has created some obstacles along the way. Try your best to give each one of you a storage space within the home and a personal work space. I don’t know about all of you, but when I have an area I can work in effectively a lot of stress is removed.
  • Respect partners need for privacy. Recognize when your partner needs some time alone or time without any interruptions. This might be hard to do at first, but as time goes on you will be able to read your partners work mode better and assess their need for privacy. There has to be an intense respect of each others work in order to make this happen.
  • Check crankiness at the door. Try your hardest to transform a bad mood into a good one. No one wants to work with a crankster in a confined space. We all love our partner, this is a fabulous work set-up so do your best to bring a positive attitude to the home office everyday even if you are not feeling it.

Are you ready to start working from home together? If you are a digital nomad working from home in a space you share with your partner please share your suggestions as well.

At the end of the day the best suggestion I can give to making it work in a small space would be to communicate. Express how you are feeling and form a solution. And then celebrate (wink, wink).

Happy Friday. Have a fabulous weekend wherever you are in the world. And, go adventure?





2 thoughts on “Working From Home With The Hot Latino…

  1. I love this post! I always feel so curious about how families manage travelling as a whole, long term, since i always thought of it as a dream. I am new to your blog/site – but am loving it already! 🙂

    1. Thanks Kaitlyn. I am glad this post was helpful. I wish this life was as easy as just adventuring, but we do need to work. Ha! I thought it was important to share how we make it work. This is a dream come true, join us! Glad you are enjoying the site. We are in the process of rebranding and launching a new biz about travel, but I will still be blogging all week. Happy travels!

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