Why WorldTowning? Why Now?


­­“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.” – Henry David Thoreau

Bonjour friends!

Life moves quickly. If we are not careful, time slips by, and, before long, we may realize that we have never pursued our dreams.

That’s why there’s WorldTowning – a slow-traveling way of life for the curious and adventuresome, for lovers of the world, for those who desire to experience life to the fullest.

Why WorldTowning? The simple answer is that everyone needs a little help bringing their travel dream to fruition; however, a more complicated answer is that we truly believe travel is key to breaking down boundaries, growing family bonds, learning about the world, accumulating memories (instead of stuff), and catalyzing the change we want to see globally. When we started traveling, we learned quickly to put ourselves in others’ shoes, appreciate what we have and work hard for what we want.

As a family, we have made a deep commitment to giving back; thus, we created WorldTowning. Will and I have been very fortunate in our lives. We have had some hard times (emotionally and financially), but, at the end of the day, we realize how blessed we truly are. Travel has reduced us down to our core as a family, taught us to fight for our beliefs and aspirations, inspired us to love tirelessly and enabled us to create an epic childhood for our children. If we can do it, so can you. This lifestyle is not reserved for a select few. It is available to anyone who dares to dream and take hold of those dreams. And, that is where WorldTowning comes in.

Not only did we create WorldTowning to empower and equip WorldTowners, but also out of a personal need to live a more authentic life. We wanted to do work about which we were passionate. Work that made us feel alive. Work our children could be a part of – and proud of for years to come. We did not want to be tied to a corporate desk from 9-to-5 for the next 20 years. We have done that, and, as a family (kids included), we felt the risk of starting a business was worth it. We want to interact with likeminded, globally conscious individuals who want to live their dreams out through travel. We want to help others. We want to continue to travel the world. And we want to inspire our children to dream big, huge, MASSIVE.

So, that is why we created WorldTowning. Now that you know about us, let’s chat about you.


Why do YOU need WorldTowning?

Here are some questions to get us started.

::: Do you fancy spending more time with your children before they take flight?
::: Do you want to make memories instead of buying stuff?
::: Are you on a quest to create an epic childhood for your children?
::: Do you desire to learn about the world first hand, instead of from books, magazines or the Internet?
::: Do you see the value in forming relationships with those who are different than you?
::: Do you want to scale your life down to the people and beliefs that make you feel alive?

Did you answer yes to any, if not all, of these?

Let’s go a bit deeper.

::: Do you feel like you are on a hamster wheel and finding yourself wondering why?
::: Are you hyper aware of your own mortality? (Is this too morbid?)
::: Do you feel like you are viewing your life from the outside looking in?
::: Have you always dreamed of traveling?

Are your answers yes, yes, yes and yes?!

While we may have uncovered why you need WorldTowning, the topic warrants further discussion. I’m going to speak frankly here (not that that’s unusual).

Here’s the bottom line. You get one chance to live the life of your dreams, unless of course you believe in reincarnation. (If it does exist, I am coming back as a dog.) ONE CHANCE! Are you hyper aware of how fast that time goes by? The speed of time became real to us when our eldest turned nine. It was then that we realized our time with her was half over. Half over! Where did the time go? I would not say that we were riddled with regret, but we did have big dreams that we thought we would accomplish “some day.” The problem was that someday seemed to reside farther and farther in the future. We began to consider whether “someday” would ever be “today.” Would we keep making excuses?

Are you making excuses? What will you regret at age 80? Will it be your lack of travel with the ones you love? Or, maybe something else?

The real question is: Are you living the life you have always dreamed of? And, if not, why not?

The truth is, you deserve to pursue your dreams. Today is the day you can make a change, and go confidently in the direction of that epic life you want. For us, our passion is travel, and that is why we created WorldTowning.


Who is our client, or, better yet, who is a potential WorldTowner?

Our clients are seeking change and a travel adventure. They are individuals living life on their terms. They are tired of living life on others’ terms. They want deeper bonds with their family members and refuse the notion that they are “ships passing in the night” with those they love. Our clients are innovative, resourceful and ready to find ways to make this work. They are the proverbial out-of-the-box thinkers – the ones who are willing to take a chance to venture into the unknown. Perhaps, they are those who have been kept in a box for way too long. Now they are ready to relegate fear to the back seat, so they can live their dream.

Often, when we talk about pursuing dreams of travel or living abroad, the subject of money comes up. So, let’s talk about that.


How are these clients funding their dreams?

::: They are using money they have been saving for years to take this grand adventure.

::: They are withdrawing money from their aggressive retirement account with the thought that they have a lifetime to replenish it.

::: They have sold their homes or businesses with the goal of downsizing or reinventing when/if they return.

::: They are currently digital nomads, who are completely location independent. They have realized there is no excuse for them to stay in one place.

::: They are teachers who are on sabbatical, employees who have negotiated a year off from their employers or seasonal workers who are taking off during the slow time.

::: They are retired or have taken early retirement.

::: They may own an online business that they can easily manage while they are traveling.

Do you see themes here? Priority and possibility. In most cases, it is possible to find money somewhere if you want to do this. Notice that I did not mention “trust fund” adults. According to our encounters, that is what most people think of when they hear of people engaging in a traveling lifestyle. In our experience, that is not the case.

All in all, our clients are people or families ready for an adventure that will bond them more deeply and connect them to the world through education, experiences and new friendships.


Why now?

First of all, why not? (Have you come to realize this is one of our first questions when confronted with a dream, idea or opportunity?)

Work? Education? Time?

First, look at the world. Now, more than ever, companies are offering flexible work schedules, alternatives to the 9-to-5, suit-and-tie, two-weeks-of-vacation-a-year grind. The way we work and conduct business is changing. We have more options now than we did even a year ago. So, why not take this opportunity to work and pursue a dream of travel?

And before you say, “my employer would never allow it,” have you asked? I can tell you from first-hand experience, we were both non-believers, until we asked and it worked out. You will never know until you take that first step and ask the question. In most cases, it is financially beneficial for a company to have off-site employees. And, if your organization values your role in the company, can envision how this could play out with your workload, and perhaps recognize that they may lose you otherwise, you might be surprised at your negotiating power.

Secondly, many families are choosing alternative ways to educate their children. The old paradigm of having to be solely in a brick-and-mortar school to go to college is dead. Parents can now take their kids out to travel the world, and they won’t fall behind in school, nor are they held back. Actually statistics show that children who travel usually perform above grade level when they return. In addition, parents can now customize a curriculum that inspires their children to love learning and learn while traveling the world. There are options and resources to support all different kinds of educational experiences.

Thirdly, why wait until retirement to take that adventure. Yes, that will still be an option, but why not take it now with your partner or with your children or solo? You have nothing to lose, and, again, not to be morbid, but we are not promised tomorrow. And, who knows, it might change the course of your life or your desires in a way you had never imagined. I am a big believer of traveling at all stages of life, because we experience things differently in different seasons. Where we are willing to sleep and whom we meet varies greatly from decade to decade. There is no magic sauce, but wouldn’t it be great to compare travel experiences as the years pass?

Finally, now, more than ever, we need to be raising global thinkers. Our children are our future. They are the change we need in the world. The world is in need of children who can do more than regurgitate facts. We need children who can think creatively, independently and out of the box. Children who can empathize with those less fortunate. Children who understand what it is like to go without fresh drinking water, food or a roof over head. Children who recognize the importance of taking care of the environment and preserving our natural resources. The world needs the next generation of global thinkers who have first-hand experience with people who are different from them – culturally, economically and philosophically.


What does the future hold for WorldTowners?

We believe corporations are just scratching the surface with this whole working remotely thing, and that the future lies in location-independent careers and alternative streams of income. We believe there will be fewer and fewer folks willing to shackle themselves to traditional paradigms of office life, and more and more folks figuring out how to live on their terms. And, we see the number of individuals who want to travel the world with their kids before they hit retirement becoming a movement that is on an upward spiral. We also see education becoming more and more customized and global. We see this, because we study it, experience it and live it.

And, that is why WorldTowning is making its debut at what we consider the perfect time.

There really is no excuse to staying put and digging in your heels if you have a desire to get out and see the world. The resources – income, education and adventure – are there if you want them. And, WorldTowning is also there to guide you in your journey.

So, what is the one thing you are going to do today to move your dream of travel from dream to possibility? What is your first step in going confidently in the direction of your dreams and living the life you’ve imagined.

I would love to hear about your experience slow traveling if you are already a traveler? What can you share with future WorldTowners? We are building a community here and the best part is that we can all share what we have learned to help those following in our footsteps.

Also, check out our services. We have something for every traveling lifestyle.

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