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Hola friends. How was your weekend? The Sueiro family had to skip our adventures for the weekend because we needed to work, although I do consider the Feria (farmer’s market) and grocery shopping quite an adventure here in Costa Rica. We are still adjusting to our new environment and all the changes in our life regarding career and school, therefore we sometimes have to work on the weekends. Speaking of school, I believe it is time to introduce you to the kid’s school in Costa Rica. The worldschooling posts will be a new addition to this blog, since I’ve received a lot of questions about it. We will discuss the path we have chosen for each of them, why, the ups and downs, curriculum, and so much more.

When you are reading these school posts, please be kind with your comments (whether you agree with our choices or not); our children read the blog. It’s ok if you do not agree, I respect your choices and would never presume to know what is best for your child. This world would be pretty dull if we all chose the same path. Also, remember one thing, every decision we make regarding their education has been thoroughly researched and discussed between Will and I and with the children. We spent (and still spend) hours working through the details and we never jump into any decision without letting AvaLar have input. Their personal learning styles and wants/needs are always considered in order to provide the best education path possible for both of them. Today I am going to start with Avalon. We have chosen to begin worldschooling her here in Costa Rica for the year.



    First, and most importantly, Avalon has been requesting to be homeschooled for years and we always said, “Maybe next year.” Quite frankly, it scared the sh#@ out of me, but ultimately we believed we owed it to her to explore it. We continually preach to AvaLar about working through their fears and it was time for us to lead by example. I had to address a lot personally before I was able to entertain this.  It was not easy, but that is for another post.


    Yes, you read that correctly. We wanted her to be able to socialize outside of her gender, grade, and cultural groups. In our opinion, socializing can happen outside of the four walls of a school. We spend a lot more time dealing with the opposite genders, people of varying ages and races in our life, so why not start building those skills from a young age? I will eventually dedicate an entire post to this subject and how Avalon has many opportunities to socialize with local kids in Costa Rica, how she has grown from it and how this type socializing is helping her learn Spanish.


    Avalon is a Kinesthetic learner. Basically she learns by carrying out a physical activity. Kinesthetic learners make up only 5% of the population, therefore many school programs do not cater to this minority. We wanted the ability to customize her education to kinesthetic learning and personal interests while making sure she got the core essentials. In addition, we have shortened her school day so she has more time to explore her entrepreneurial and creative side which often lay dormant until the summer.


    We wanted more time as a family. Avalon is 10 years old and our life with her since school started has been a rush to the finish line. Before we know it, she will be off on her own adventure and we will not be able to get that time back. We felt that if she was schooled outside the traditional realm we could cut the school day hours down, still do a small handful of activities, socialize and gain more time as a family.


    By Worldschooling her, we have the ability to travel more freely and educate her using the world as her classroom. Avalon is able to explore other cultures and food, learn about history and geography on the front lines, discover Spanish and much more. We have only been in Costa Rica for seven weeks, but she is already learning the local dance of Punto Guanacasteco and she has plans to add a cooking class as well. The educational opportunities through travel are endless.


    Avalon has a fantastic group of friends from her school in the US, but I wonder as girls grow older if the peer pressure in life will steer her away from her passions. Worldschooling gives her the opportunity to develop at her own pace into the person she is authentically meant to be. Also, as a parent I cannot ignore the increase in bullying. Her school in Boston would not tolerate it, but it still frightens me. It is refreshing to give her a year to discover more about her wants and needs without any outside influences.


    She has an intense love of learning. We want to nurture her passions and help her through her weaknesses without killing her love for learning.

As I write this, I am realizing that each of our Why’s for worldschooling could really use a post dedicated to them individually. At some point I will make that happen, but for today I wanted to give you a brief overview of our why for worldschooling Avalon.

I am sure you have lots of questions, fire away. Have you ever entertained changing your child’s education path in order to be true to their authentic learning style? Our plan for now is to try this out while we are in Costa Rica for a year. Wish us luck.

Have a wonderful Monday.


p.s. The above logo was created by Avalon for her new school.

*Disclaimer: We are grateful to have been raised in a country where our parents had a choice in how they wanted to educate us. There are many ways to educate a child. We do not presume our way is the only way, but we do believe it is the best choice for our child.

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