Why I’m Back! And introducing WORLDTOWNING UNIVERSITY!


Hello everyone! Wow I have missed you! How are you? I have so much to share that I don’t even know where to begin. Hopefully you have been following us on our social media and you know that we now live in Antarctica. Just joking, but really why are you not following us elsewhere? It is so much fun to see us in the raw, unscripted and sometimes unedited YouTube vlogs or Instagram stories of our WorldTowning life. Or maybe even in our WorldTowning University class. Shameless plug, I could not resist. I am so proud of its launch this week!

Lets just jump into the thick of it and get down to business. I paused blogging for four months because I needed to recharge and I wanted to carve out more time. As I previously stated I was a bit burned out (after 5 years of blogging), as well as I had some other projects I needed/wanted to focus on. As much as I would love to report back and say that I went on a four-month spiritual enlightenment adventure, did some cleansing, yoga and lived in the warmth, that is far from the truth. However, what I did do, see, explore and find was definitely worth it. I could not have done all I did in the last four months without a pause from blogging.

Why I’m back:

  • I missed you. I missed this community, the comments, the banter, all of it. I also missed writing and sharing our life. Why do I share our life? It is quite simple. To show each and every one of you that we can obtain those dreams, all of us. If you dream of travel it is possible. You don’t have to be a multi-millionaire or a trust fund adult. It can happen with a lot of hard work, sacrifice, some tears and a powerful will or as we like to call it, a powerful why.

What happened the last four months:

  • We learned how to RV Europe, kind of. If I am speaking completely transparent I must admit that we are still a work-in-progress. RVing in general is not super smooth, but then do it in countries where you don’t speak the language, understand the cultural nuances, recognize the food, have inclement (ok, shitty) weather, and it can become a hot mess. Each day we are closer to running a smooth operation from Lemonade, however this is definitely our most challenging WorldTown thus far. On the flip side it has been the BEST DECISION EVER! There will be an entire post dedicated to this topic in the near future, but for now know that we are finally finding that WorldTowning sweet spot (yet again). Even after 3+ years at this we still have transitions just like anyone else.
  • We prioritized our YouTube channel. If you follow us on YT you know we are months behind on our videos. What does this mean? Right now we are showing vlogs from Italy, but we are actually in Spain. It is not ideal, we know, however we have been learning (see bullet above), schooling, running WorldTowning and adventuring and there are only so many hours in the day. Good news…. we are only a couple of weeks away from being current. Plus, we are now producing 4-5 vlogs a week and we will continue this schedule going forward. Once we get to real-time we will not only share our adventures, but real life in Lemonade. How we run our business, world school, exercise, eat, practice mindfulness and so much more. We are super excited to give you a deeper glimpse into what it means to be a WorldTowner.


  • We launched WorldTowning University, yesterday actually. We ran a pilot class in the fall. It was a grand success and we decided to continue it, full force. This was part of the reason I needed to take a break from blogging. I needed to focus more of my energy into building, modifying and sharing the WTU way. I am going to be frank, it was hard as hell, there were tears, some fights, a lot of sweat (even in freezing Europe), but it was so worth it. We love sharing what we have learned over the past 3+ years and we love our students! It was the best decision for phase II of WorldTowning.
  • We started building phase III of WorldTowning. We will pilot it this summer for a couple of weeks and then launch BIG TIME in early 2019! We are all super excited about it. There is a lot of planning involved to make the planets align, but we are confident we can do it. Stand by.
  • We learned how to balance two WorldSchoolers. Again, another work-in-progress. Many of you may know that Avalon was home/worldschooled for two years and along the way we learned a thing or two. But, then both kids went to public school in France last year and we got out of practice. Now, we are home/worldschooling two. Wow! What a difference. We love it, but there has been some growing pains. It took us about six months to figure this out originally with Avalon and the same is proving true with Largo. Finally hitting that sweet spot.
  • Became more mindful. I might not have gone on a four-month spiritual enlightenment trip, but we did make mindfulness more of a focus in our family. It has been a wonderful addition, I wish we would have been more committed to this in years passed.
  • Started writing a book. Yes, I said I never would, but I am. I suck at grammar, sentence structure and much more so you can imagine I am a bit scared. If you are a grammar nazi, sorry, I don’t make apologies for it, my strengths lie elsewhere. Don’t worry the book will have a great editor so I don’t sound like a complete idiot. Why write the book now? Because of 2017! It was a hard year. Terrible in so many ways, painful, but enlightening and travel saved/fixed/grew so many areas of our life and pulled us through. This will be our story of travel, the encounters, the enlightenment and the growth in our family, business and adventure.
  • We grew closer as a family. Those first couple of months I thought we would kill each other in 21.5 feet of rolling tin and constant rain, but luckily it smoothed out. We have now learned to work better as a family, we are cognizant of each others feelings, dream big in a small space and accept the day as it unfolds.

What will happen here on the blog: 

  • The posts will be shorter. I want to be able to write when the urge comes, but I may not have the time necessary for a lengthy post. I will use less pictures in my posts. If the pictures were a highlight for you check us out on Instagram, I post there daily.
  • Inside A Traveler’s Walls will continue on Wednesdays. I know, I know, we all miss it. If you are interested in sharing your traveling home message one of us.
  • I won’t be adhering to a schedule. My plan is to post once a week to start, in addition to Inside A Traveler’s Walls. I would love to post more, but I don’t want to get into a situation where it becomes a stressor. I am realistic to know that running a business, traveling full-time in an RV, parenting, schooling, adventuring and down time all takes time. I don’t want to be to a burnout point again and I don’t want to have to take a pause to fit in other projects. The goal to post less will allow me to focus on everything I love.

Where are we and what is the plan:

I am writing you from a remote area of Spain. Honestly, I don’t know the name of the area, nor do I care. We rarely stay put for this long unless we have access to a big city, but this feels fabulous. Since we launched WTU this week it has been nice to hunker down and get it launched properly. Our plan is to head further south in the next couple of weeks. Then after a trip to North America we will head to Morocco for close to two months. This is a dream come true for me since I have wanted to visit Morocco for years now.

What I’ve learned in the past four months:

  • Support system: We have an amazing support system and they have emerged from some of the most unlikely places. This makes me smile just typing it. You know who you are and we love you.
  • We don’t do bubbles or group think: This can go in so many directions, but for now lets just say that even after 3+ years of travel we still lived in some bubbles. In 2017 we exited more bubbles that were just not feeding our soul anymore. In many situations it was complicated and painful and it others it felt like a huge weight lifted off our shoulders.
  • I don’t need a shower every day: I will survive, maybe a little stinky, but I will be ok. I also don’t need an oven, a comfortable bed, clean clothing or a functioning flush on my toilet, but I do miss those French linens. I don’t need any of this and I will survive. We have brought minimalism to a new level this year.
  • Taking the jump with WorldTowning was a great decision: Our income changed overnight. Our stress level increased, but our happiness level went off the charts. We now do work we love everyday with people we enjoy. Inspirational people. People preparing for travel against all odds. I am inspired every single day.
  • Will Sueiro is beyond amazing and I am one lucky lady. And these kiddos aren’t too bad either. How did I get so lucky?

Are you still here? Yeah!

Will and I do work we love. It is not easy starting up a business that is self funded (in an RV nonetheless), but it is worth it. I have a request today. There is great power on social media when you share. If you see our posts, vlogs, advertisements, pretty much anything WorldTowning or family Sueiro please share it, like, subscribe and help us spread the word of world travel and how it is possible.

Ok, I think that is it for now. It feels good to be back. Have a fantastic day! Tell me, what has been going on in your life?

See you soon. And, go adventure!


4 thoughts on “Why I’m Back! And introducing WORLDTOWNING UNIVERSITY!

  1. Hi Jessica,.
    I found you guys on utube whilst researching motohome travel in Europe. I thourghly enjoy your videos and i am learning lots from the experience you are all sharing.
    There are not many sharing this experience so its very much appreciated.
    I hope we can do the same one day.
    Well done!
    Regards & best wishes

    1. Karen,
      THANK YOU! I cannot tell you how much it means to us when followers message us. We appreciate your kind words and we are glad our videos have been useful. We are not making an effort to share more than one a week so get ready! Ha. And, yes, do it Karen! It is so worth it and possible. If we can help you with anything please let us know. Have a great week.

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