Who Wants To Take A Hike With Us?


Hello everyone! Guess what? Our family (minus Sunshine) will be hiking The Camino de Santiago in June. We will spend five to six weeks on the trail covering approximately 500 miles. We will start in St-Jean-Pied-de-Port, France, crossing the Pyrenees, pass through a host of small villages and land in Santiago de Compostela sometime in the first or second week of July. Crazy, maybe! Fun, absolutely!

Hiking The Camino

But, here is the real interesting part, beside the fact that we have never done this long of a hike before, yikes.

We are inviting you to join us!

We are looking for singles, couples or families who want to hike with us for several days or up to a week. There really are no requirements to join us except that you are a good human being with a kind and open mind, you have a love for adventure and a desire to hang out with our crazy family. Pretty simple, right? We are very laid back travelers and welcome people of all races, religion, gender and sexual preference. We are not necessarily looking for like-minded folks, but people who want to learn about different cultures, approaches to live and hike their butts off.

Why are we doing the hike?

There are many varying reasons why people hike this route. For some it is a religious pilgrimage, for others they are looking for a piece of themselves that has gone dormant, some are healing from a loss and others are celebrating a recovery. For us, we just want to do hard things with our kids, spend more time connecting as a family, be in nature and meet people from various ways of life. Plus, we love to hike (and tapas and cheese)!

What about WorldTowning?

We will be spending a day or two a week off the trail to take care of business, upload vlogs, post blogs and whatever else our staff cannot handle while we are gone. We have made it a point to hire people who can take care of business in our absence so we can continue to hit our travel bucket list items big and small. From what we understand most of the trail will have wifi access so you expect daily IG photos, constant IG story updates and returned emails while we are hiking, taking a break and settling in for the night. We are a global, location independent outfit which means we can pretty much operate from anywhere and if we cannot our staff will be there to assist you until we can be available.

What about school for the kids?

Avalon and Largo are working at rapid speed in order to finish up the traditional part of their education by May 31st or sooner. On the trail they will continue their worldschooling, culture learning, adventure segment of their education. So don’t be surprised if they ask you a bundle of questions, draw a picture of you or interview you for our vlog. One of them is ecstatic about going and the other one is on the fence, but we promised that one good food and interesting people so he/she is now on board. They will both be carrying paper books with them for night and break reading. We welcome reading suggestions that support adventure, Spanish history, doing hard things, etc.

What about Sunshine?

We will be looking for a hamster sitter for him in France. French friends, any takers? He is just lovely all day long, but he does get rowdy at night, he is nocturnal. However, he has a silent wheel and promises to never run on weekdays. He also enjoys long walks on the beach and Netflix.

What does it cost to join us?

Nothing! We just want your company, good conversation and to learn about your dreams, goals and lifestyle. Oh and there might be a request or two for you to appear in our vlogs! Don’t worry no humans have been harmed in making these. Sound fun?

Are we scared?

Of what?

Have we started the preparations?

Yes, no, ok sort of. Avalon is reading a book. Will has researched gear. I am organizing the route and Largo is thinking about snacks. However, we are practicing with weekend hikes along the Spanish coastline. We welcome any advice, suggestions or words of support you would like to send our way.

If you are seriously interested in joining us you can email me for more information at jesssica@worldtowning.com. If you want history about the hike you can find it here and below is the map of the path we plan to take.

We look forward to connecting with some of you out in nature!

Go Adventure,


10 thoughts on “Who Wants To Take A Hike With Us?

  1. Ohhh so wish I could join you! The Barlow’s love this kind of adventure. My summer is booked with races, weddings and national park camp trips or 4 of the Barlow’s would be there to hike with you on a heartbeat.
    If you find you love backpacking, I’d be happy to have you all join me when Noah and I hike the PCT. We have plans to do it when he’s 16, that aren’t set in stone yet, but it’s 6 summers away..
    I cannot wait to hear about your long hike! So awesome!! I love love love it.

    1. Come! I wish you could come, that would be so much fun. Yes, PCT sounds fun. Our grand plan is AT in a year or two, but we have to see if we can handle more than weekend hiking. Ha! Your summer sounds fun. If plans change you know where to find us.

  2. http://www.thedustycamel.org/home/
    Check out Ian and Andy from the Dusty Camel. I met them and camped with them when they hiked the PCT. They’ve done several thru-hike. They can help if you have any gear questions or any thru hike questions. Love these guys.
    I’m so excited for all of you, you will have an epic adventure!

  3. Your trip sounds really fun. We don’t have any school breaks during that time but we’ll be looking forward to your updates!

  4. I’m planning on being in France early July! I’d love to come early and join you on the trail for a bit before heading up to Paris ( or after. Not sure about planning yet ahaha)

    1. Yes, come with us at any point. We would love to hang with you. I sent you an email and pdf with all the details we have at this point. Let me know if you did not get them. Fun!

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