What is WorldTowning?


Bonjour friends! Welcome to our new adventure! We have put our heart, soul, passion and experience into WorldTowning. We are now open for business and ready to bring your travel dreams to fruition. Let us help you create your epic life!

What is WorldTowning?

I wish I had an elevator pitch, but frankly this business is multifaceted, and an elevator pitch does not do it justice. Plus, to be honest, the idea of WorldTowning is novel and – or, as we would say, “right on time” to change your life. So, it warrants a lengthy explanation.

When I describe WorldTowning, I often start by saying that we help people plan to live in another country for up to a year. As soon as those words leave my mouth, the listeners’ eyes glaze over, the dollar signs start dancing across their faces, and I realize I have lost have lost them. At that point I usually say, “Hey, but you don’t have to be rich to do this. We do it. We’re not rich.”

Can you see how this is more than an elevator pitch?

So, here is the long version – my covered-wagon pitch, if you will.

As WorldTowners, we are here to share our expertise and show you how this travel life IS possible. We plan your 3-, 6- or 12-month adventure anywhere in the world with your goals and family culture in mind. We are committed to building a community of global citizens, who are living the world one hometown at a time. What drives this philosophy is a desire to help you expand your view of the world, enhance your knowledge of a region and help you establish lasting community ties – anywhere around the globe. WorldTowning is more than a business, it’s a mentorship, a lifestyle and a movement.

Have you fantasized about living in Paris for a year, but you haven’t the faintest idea where to begin the planning process?

WorldTowning can help.

Have you dreamed of enhancing your inner peace for six months in Bali, but finding housing stumps you every time?

WorldTowning can help.

Have you always wanted to learn Spanish while living on the Mexican Riviera (maybe even sipping margaritas), but you have no idea how to find a school?

WorldTowning can help.

WorldTowning has something for everyone who wants to experience the world on a level deeper than a two-week vacation.

If you want to plan your time in a foreign country in true DIY style, we have free videos, blog posts and much more to help you make it happen.

If you are limited on time or you want more guidance, we can customize your entire adventure with your family goals in mind.

Or, if you just want to ask questions about this lifestyle, we have that, as well. The goal with WorldTowning is to get more people out slow traveling the world. As a result, we have created a variety of programs to fit your style of making this happen.


What we are not?
A travel agency. A vacation planner. WorldTowning is more than a two-week holiday. It is a movement involving 3-, 6- and 12-month travel adventures that allow you to connect to a town on a deeper level, hence WorldTowning.


What we offer

Today, I would like to break down each of our plans and the DIY materials we offer to you as future WorldTowners.


Our Plans

Explorer: Do you have questions about this lifestyle and just want to “pick our brain” for an hour – or maybe several hours – during a Skype session? With our personalized one-hour consultations, you will be able to candidly discuss all your concerns with experienced WorldTowners. Our Explorer plan is designed to help you investigate any of the following topics: schooling, destinations, emotional support, practical needs and more. This plan is for the person who might be questioning if this adventure is for them. The person who is curious as to how they get the whole family on board. Or the person who is learning about all the different styles available for schooling while traveling. We can pick the topics for the conversation based on our most popular subjects, or we can tailor it specifically to your needs. We offer this package at an hourly rate, and we give discounts for multiple hours.

Navigator: With our Navigator plan, we help you define your destination, design your experience and complete all the planning logistics necessary to get you launched. The Navigator plan starts off with an intimate Skype call. We ask tons of questions and learn deeply what your personal and family goals are for your time of WorldTowning. Next, we create a customized launch plan that reflects those goals, and your desired launch date. Then, we meet with you every week to cover the most important aspects of the planning process. To make sure we get you launched on time, we create a timeline and walk the path with you each step of the way. This means we will do the research, send you options/homework –  and rinse and repeat. We also give you supplemental videos and reading material, created to help you learn more about the areas of discussion for a specific week.

This package is billed at a one-time rate for 10 weeks of service. If you prefer to break the 10 weeks up over several months, we offer that as an option, as well. This is a completely customized plan to meet your family goals and needs.

House Hunter: Now that we have planned your adventure with our Navigator package, or you have created your DIY route using our videos and blog posts, you are ready to think about housing. Do you need assistance finding the right home, in the area that meets your needs?

We have assembled a variety of properties from which you can choose. Some are properties we have acquired during our experience as WorldTowners; some are places we have stayed and have found to be ideal for members of the WorldTowning community. All are perfectly suited for both new and seasoned WorldTowners. And, all meet our high standards for quality, locale and giving you the most authentic WorldTowning experience possible.

We have a network of community members that can assist us in finding your ideal temporary home, if you are interested in additional locations. Also, check back with us from time to time, we will be adding properties to our list as our journey as WorldTowners continues.

On the Go: This one is for the person who wants to camper-van or backpack a specific area of the world. We incorporate aspect of the Navigator Plan that apply, as well as work out a route for your trip that best fits your budget, goals and desired experience.


Are you more of a DIYer?

Do you have the time and the desire to work out all the logistics on your own, but you want to quickly and efficiently know what seasoned WorldTowners know? Our DIY options might be the perfect fit for you. Access – for free – our most robust sources of information.

We have a very active YouTube channel that we are adding materially to twice weekly.

::: Every Thursday: WorldTowning 101: Need answers to your planning questions? We answer them in this informational weekly series.

::: Every Sunday: WorldTowning Up Close. Are you wondering what it looks like to be a WorldTowning family? Each week, we take you with us on an adventure in and around our current location. You get an up-close-and-personal look at how we learn, how we function in a foreign land, how our family operates and much more.

Our blog continues to address the questions you may have as future WorldTowners. We post three times a week.

::: Every Monday: This post always focuses on the WorldTowner lifestyle, including logistics, emotions and schooling, just to mention a few topics.

::: Every Wednesday: Our popular series, Inside A Traveler’s Walls, allows you to take a peek inside the traveling homes of other WorldTowners, giving you their candid insights, advice, thoughts about the biggest advantages to this lifestyle, the challenges and much more.

::: Every Friday: Our highly anticipated end-of-week update continues to share with you what we have learned as a family, our favorite links from the week and our latest adventures.


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Facebook LIVE:

Every Saturday: Cheesy Hour! Hang out with us and talk shop. We will highlight a new cheese each week as we travel around the globe, share whats happening in our current hometown, divulge an interesting travel tidbit and get you up to date on all things WorldTowning. Wrapping it up with a Q & A.

WorldTowner Facebook Community:

Still in development, this resource will create an exclusive tribe for WorldTowners – a group of people committed to family, travel, adventure, education and independence from the status quo. In this group you will gain insight into the daily lives of WorldTowners, get a front-row seat to WorldTowning adventures, experience authentic family and community life, learn about our world and the beauty it holds, and gain the tools and encouragement you need to become a WorldTowner yourself.


The future of WorldTowning

We have so much planned for all of you. But, first, let’s get phase one off the ground and rolling. Then, we will blow the top off this WorldTowning movement. In the upcoming months, we will add an ecommerce function, WorldTowning swag and Spanish/French/German translations to the website. We will also introduce WorldTowningKids™ and WorldTowningMinis (this is really cool), plus much more. I can’t give away all of our secrets today, but let’s just say it is going to get crazy, real fast – and we believe all of it will help revolutionize lives.

You can count on us at WorldTowning to give you:

::: Support to pursue your own dreams of becoming a WorldTowner – everything from choosing your destination to charting your course to changing your destiny

::: Informational and inspirational vlogs and blogs about the world, family and the WorldTowning way of life

::: Interviews with WorldTowners – who share first-hand their experiences and perspectives on this unique lifestyle

If you could take a moment and comment we would greatly appreciate it. We are so excited about WorldTowning and we are eager to hear your feedback.

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Which one best suits your lifestyle?

Do you want your own epic adventure? We can help! Let’s get started today.



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