What have we been up to? And WorldTowning Unversity is back!


How is everyone? Long time, no blog. I know, I know. As much as I want to write here five days a week (again) I am finding it hard to carve out the time. When we launched WorldTowning 17 months ago I was a bit naive about the amount of time that would be dedicated to growing the brand. Although I do consider the blog part of the brand it seems to be taking a backseat to other priorities such as client conferences, teaching WorldTowning University, vlogging on our YouTube channel and all the behind the scenes stuff that goes along with running a business. Plus, finding time to sleep, eat, school the kids, parent and adventure. I know you all get it. Who wants an update to what life has been looking like for us the last several months?

  • First, thank you! We would not be able to do what we do without our community and that is all of you! Thank you for following us on IG, FB, and YT. Thank you for commenting, liking, sharing, following, subscribing, etc. Thank you for telling your friends and family and encouraging them to work with us if they are looking to work through the nitty-gritty logistics BS before taking off on their travel adventure. And thank you for spreading the word of the WorldTowning brand. We appreciate how you buy our swag, tag us on SM, share your dreams, approach us on the street and so much more. We could not do this without all of you so a big hug and a kiss coming your way virtually.
  • Which leads to… we will be offering our third WorldTowning University 10 week series starting soon. All the information you need about the class is right here, but if you have further questions you can email me jessica@worldtowning.com. This is a LIVE class which is filled with tons of travel information. You will feel like your head is spinning after week one, but I promise you we will hold your hand through the entire process so by week 10 you are ready to roll. Next class starts September 3rd so let’s get you signed up today.
  • Did you know we took a big hike a month ago? We hiked the Camino Frances for 550 miles (890 km) in 44 days with Avalon and Largo. It was hard, really hard, but something we all needed. You might have noticed our absence as we were only working 3-5 hours per day while hiking. We needed to recharge, deepen our family connection and go on a grand adventure. And guess what else? We taped daily vlogs while we hiked. You can find them here, but we are still editing and unloading so please be patient.
  • We have added more features to our Mexico WorldTowning Casa. It has been updated for digital nomads to make their work run more efficient while they are enjoying the comforts of Mexico. We are now booking for January 2019 if you are interested.
  • Where are we now? Currently we are on our way to the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Have you heard of this area? We hear the beauty is unbelievable. Where next? We need to be in France by September to retrieve our visas, but after that we are on the fast track to Prague to meet up with a family member and then it is eastern Europe for the next year.. We can’t wait! We welcome any suggestions you have that involve authentic, non-touristy adventures.
  • Have you done a WorkAway before? Remember the one we did in Tuscany? Well, we did another one in Northern Ireland. Again, a success. Once we have edited and uploaded all our vlogs from the camino hike we will share our vlog from the WorkAway and other points UK!
  • For those of you who are not sure if WorldTowning University is for you or you don’t want to commit to 10 weeks we offer 1 hour Explorer consultations at $75 USD. Lets get you WorldTowning.
  • Did you see we were on Extra Pack of Peanuts podcast? Have you heard of this podcast? For us it was a dream come true. We love Travis and Heather and were honored that they asked us to be on it.
  • Plus, we have had a ton of celebrations in the last month and a half. Avalon turned 14. Will turned 21 (don’t do the math). Will and I celebrated 18 years of marriage (OMG) and my parents came to visit us in Wales. We spent five days soaking up Wales and catching up on work while my dad spoiled us with his fabulous cooking. Check out the place we stayed, so darn cute and it comes with amazing owners.

Wow, we have been busy this summer. The kids started back at online school this week and Will and I jumped into some really cool new projects. We look forward to another amazing year connecting with all of you fabulous people.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We are here to help you get WorldTowning.

Go adventure,

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