What Does 40 Feel Like?

What does 40 feel like
Avalons creative addition. She loves flowers.

What does 40 feel like? It feels great. Except for the complete memory loss (literally) overnight. I woke up yesterday morning and realized that my “janitor” stack of keys were missing. I tried to rely on my memory from the night before, it failed me. The maintenance manager in my building said maybe I had too much wine, quite possible. Haha.

It has been 2 days and I have officially given up the search. The apartment, trash dumpster, and several unmentionable locations have been combed and they are nowhere in sight. According to maintenance these things always turn up. We did not have the time to wait for them to find their way back home since we have two children and it could be unsafe to have our house keys, mailbox, building keys, car alarm, etc floating out there. Plus, a nice little keychain that says “this is the key to your happiness” ARCHSTONE APARTMENTS. Hmm, I wonder how anyone could ever find us!

So besides aging while I slept it was a great evening. Birthdays are “fabulous” celebrations in our home. It usually starts with breakfast in bed. I was serenaded by the lovely smell of bacon which became the key ingredient in my BLT bagel. Both kids decided to join me in bed with their breakfast. Hey, it is not every day they get to eat cereal in bed. Everyone then took off to their schools and work for the day. My day was moderately unproductive due to calls, texts, emails, deliveries, I really cannot complain.

The evenings on these special days are usually filled with a dinner, handmade gifts and lots of hugs and kisses. When I arrived home (with the kids in tow) the house was empty, no sweet aromas and no handmade presents. Hhhmmm, had they forgot already? We live in a building with a gorgeous community room. My family had rented the room, set it up for a birthday dinner and a yoga class (taught by my 8 year old). It was a fabulous night. I could not have imagined spending my 40th birthday any other way. My husband put so much thought into the special meal, the kids made gorgeous paintings and lots of love was shared.

What does 40 feel like
The yummy dinner cooked by my awesome hubby.
what does 40 feel like
Look at this girl! Amazing what she can do with her body.


Do you have any special traditions for birthdays? For the kids we also decorate their rooms while they are asleep so they wake up to a colorful day.

To many more happy moments and less memory loss.

I guess we did not have a 4-0 in our collection of birthday candles. Haha.


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