Weekly Update + The French Alps


The French Alps

Have you been to the French Alps? We have been in Chamonix, France since Sunday, almost a week and I never want to leave. We have strong wifi (a must for work and school), the air is clean, nature is outside our door and we can hike to our hearts content. Not bad, right? Unfortunately, we have been locked to a campground this week which can get expensive, but it is necessary in this area. As a result, tomorrow we are leaving for less expensive pastures. I know our time here is not over, we will be back one day.


To be honest, even though we have enjoyed nature outside our front door it has been a big work and back-to-school week and less adventure. I wish we could have hiked every day for the entire week, but as full-time travelers/business owners/teachers we are not on a permanent vacation. However, we did do one short hike, one medium and tomorrow we have a large one planned. There is a lot to do here which pretty much turns the campground into a ghost town during the day. Everyone is up and out by 10am and they usually return for dinner. People come here to hike, trail run, mountain bike, paraglide, rock climb and much more.


Well, we have had some issues with Lemonade this week. We think they are minor, but we are still unsure. First, our cassette is leaking. It could be the seal or a crack in it. Either way we need to get to the bottom of it fast because it leaked a bit of urine in our closet and no one wants this to happen again. Second, our heater is not working and we needed it this morning. Our heater was broken when we purchased her and TPL fixed it for us during our visit earlier this month. When we left them it was fine, however we tried to use it today for the first time and it would not turn on. This means no heat or hot water for showers, yikes. We are looking into solutions and repair centers as we head to Switzerland. The weather is only going to get cooler so it definitely needs our immediate attention. We are confident it is something minor. Stay tuned for an update.


Every year we do a big back-to-school dinner. We eat a special meal, talk about our goals for the school year, unveil the crowns and enjoy each others company. We typically do this the night before the first day of school, however it was proving to be too challenging with our schedule this year so we moved it by a day. This event is something we all look forward to and enjoy tremendously so the anticipation was killing us.

Each year I make the kids crowns pertaining to the area we are living in at the time. Since we had just passed through Italy this years crowns were made of pasta. Unfortunately they could not wear them unassisted because they were rectangles trying to fit on circle heads. For the first time I had very limited resources for the base of the crown and I had to make due with what I had available in the RV, hence the plastic fruit containers. Regardless, it was a grand success yet again. I wonder where we will be next year?


As most of you know we do a Facebook LIVE on our WorldTowning page every Saturday at 12 PM EST. We call it Cheesy Hour for obvious reasons and we usually talk way too much. Come and join us tomorrow where we will discuss our first week of being back at school, at least the traditional side of our worldschooling and our week in the French Alps.


We have started doing very impromptu Instagram LIVE broadcasts when we are out on adventures. If you see us come up as being LIVE on your feed then stop in and say HI! Tell us where you are living and ask us questions about our adventure. My idea is to do these with the kids as often as possible. We have a big adventure planned for tomorrow so be sure to tune in.


You might have heard us mention it on Cheesy Hour or maybe you are part of our mailing list and you got the memo and if not, well I am here to share it with you today.

We’re excited to announce that we will be offering a brand new product in 2018: WorldTowning University!

The course material has all been developed and it’s ready to go. We’re looking for 2 more people to help us test it out and provide feedback. If you’re ready to leave your life behind and start in a new country this is your chance! The class includes:

  • Direct access to Jessica and Will for 10 weeks.

  • A private Facebook group for interaction with the small group of other future WorldTowners.

  • In-depth training videos to watch each week.

  • A weekly LIVE video chat with Jessica and Will in which we will discuss choosing a location, travel styles, employment, education, visas, finances, medical, housing, tech, emotions and much more.

  • Accountability to do assignments that will help you reach your goals.

By the end of it, you will have all the tools required and collected all the information you need in order to make your move. Plus you will have a dedicated community of other future WorldTowners who are holding you accountable, cheering you on, offering feedback and advice, answering your questions and sharing resources. Cool, right?

Classes start October 3rd at 2pm EST and will last for 10 weeks. As we said, there are only 2 more spots available so if you were on the fence before, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Once this course goes live for everyone in 2018, it will cost upwards of $800. Because we value your feedback and want to make sure we’re developing the best product available, we’re offering it now for just $199.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, simply reply to this email and we’ll respond as soon as we can.


This week marks the start of a new school year for our family. Plus, this is our first year both kids are being homeschooled or as we call in worldschooled. We get asked a lot of questions about how we school so I think a Q & A video might be in order. What are your questions? Please post them in the comments and we will put one together for all of you.


New Vlogs

France Passion in Champagne Country


Weekly Adventures!

What an amazing week we had in the French Alps. We hiked, relaxed, enjoyed nature, worked, schooled and even rode a chair lift into the mountains. Tomorrow we will make our final trip up the mountain in hopes of touching a glacier!

The French Alps

The French Alps

The French Alps

The French Alps

The French Alps The French Alps

The French Alps

The French Alps

The French Alps

The French Alps

The French Alps

The French Alps

The French Alps

The French Alps

The French Alps


Go adventure,


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