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Weekend time! Are you out adventuring? We are hanging tight here at WorldTowning headquarters (aka our RV) to catch up on some work and new projects. We don’t mind working the weekend when we have a view of the Siene and our kids playing nearby. Life could be much worse, right? We are an RVing family and it feels good.

Lets wrap up this week, shall we?


I think it is time to officially introduce you to “Lemonade de Bürstner” our home on wheels. She (we all agreed that “it” felt like a “she”) came to us in a very odd way. Lemonade was our second RV after a very disappointing first purchase. As a result, we felt like she gave us the option to turn a lemon into lemonade. De comes from de Vinci. We love art! No long explanation there. Finally, Bürstner is the brand of our RV. So far we are madly in love with the brand. It is a solid machine, well designed and super smooth. We are still trying to sort out whether we will call her Lemonade, De Bürst or The Bürst, standby.


Avalon was set to take off today on a 10 day adventure around London and Paris with her former Girl Scout troupe from Boston. The group took a vote several weeks ago and decided that they did not want to take on the risk of traveling to areas that had seen a handful of terrorist attacks in the previous months. Avalon was heartbroken to say the least. We were still willing to send her, but to go without the group was not what we originally signed on for with EF Education Tours.

Yesterday we went into Paris in the morning on Bastille Day and with the US president in town. Were we worried about a terrorist attack? The short version is no. However, I cannot deny that the thought did not cross my mind, but we refuse to let the threat of terrorism scare us away from travel. So tell me, would you travel to Paris or London this summer? Has the recent surge in terror attacks impacted your summer plans?


How are we doing in the RV? We are 14 days in, 2 full weeks and I must confess, we have had some meltdowns and a couple of fights. It is a small space, with a new direction and responsibilities. As a family we are working to find our new normal in a very different adventure. We will get there, but I have said it before and I will say it again… that first month in any new place is full of transitions and figuring it all out. Overall everyone loves this adventure and the freedom it offers us. As much as we are in a mobile home and working along the way I can already see this summer shaping up to be a very slow, 1950’s summer for the kids and we love it. Bike riding, lego building competitions, dirty feet, dinner at 9pm (and it is still light out) and so much more.


WorldTowning has several properties that we rent out for those of you traveling to far off lands. Currently our Mexico casa is available in September and October (possibly November), but after that it is booked until May. Anyone interested? We are giving an additional discount on the airbnb monthly rate for WorldTowning fans. Check out all the details here and PM me if you have more questions.


Sharing Time!


Do you agree or not? Why?


37 things you might regret when your old. Where do you stand right now?


Does working from home make us happier? Do you agree?

New Vlogs

We bought a Motorhome

Weekly Adventures!

We have been non-stop since we left Hyères 10 days ago. Our days (and many evenings) have been filled with official WorldTowning business, but in between we have managed to sneak in some meet-ups. We have been lucky enough to connect with friends from Boston and Ecuador between Marseille and Paris. I consider us fortunate to have friends who made a huge effort to share their cities, their food, their customs and their laughter with us during our initial weeks in the RV. And a special thank you goes out to all of these friends for listening to our RV stories about poop, drama and lack of knowledge. We are definitely an RV work in progress. Luckily we only have “up” to go from here. Each day presents a new challenge, a creative solution and an opportunity to grow individually and as a family.

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rving family

We hope you are having a fabulous weekend.

Go adventure,




4 thoughts on “Weekly Update + RVing Family

  1. I have perfectly good tickets to London on November for this family of five! I certainly have no worries. I’m safer in the London airport than I am driving around in a car on the interstate in the United States.

    1. Exactly. Will has turned me into a numbers girl and now I always look at the hard research. Cars are more dangerous for sure. Glad you guys are taking this grand adventure. It will be amazing!

  2. Very sad to hear that the group cancelled their trip. I went to Paris the last two years in December and enjoyed it enormously. We had a plan on where to meet, how to communicate if something happened and we kept up with the news(-ish – to be honest we were deep in vacation mode and checked out more and more as the trip went along). We felt perfectly safe.

    1. It was sad, but people have to do what they feel comfortable with. Thanks for commenting. I think is very important to share when we are traveling to zones others might consider unsafe in an effort to share what we have learned. Congrats on still taking the plunge.

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