Weekly Update + Paris, France


Weekly Update + Paris, France

Bonjour friends! Hello Friday or if you are three weeks away from launching a travel business… Hello another 16 hour day! But we are not complaining over here at casa Sueiro because things are happening.

ROUND UP time!
OUR TEAM: There will be a longer post celebrating the amazing team that has come together to bring WorldTowning to fruition, but for today I want to say thank you to all of them. We have web designers, a developer, a writer, a marketing/social media dude, an SEO lady, filmmakers and we are still adding to the this creative team. It is amazing what you can accomplish when you bring team members on board who have a shared vision to live authentically, seize the day and dream big. I am grateful for all of these hard working folks as we hunker down in the last couple of weeks before the big launch.

PARIS: We went, we saw (very little) and we did (very little). Well, we did very little if we are speaking in terms of quantity, but if we are talking about impact, then we did a lot. As most of you know we went to Paris to put Avalon on a plane to Boston for the Women’s March, we went to volunteer and we went to march ourselves. Even though we spent most of our time inside working on the WorldTowning launch we still managed to sneak away a bit. We made new friends, ate our weight in falafels (yes, I had four in three days), nursed (not literally) a very sick Largo back to health, exercised (if one can call walking up six flights exercise), walked on the wild side with Picasso, had our first veggie burger in France (the land of meat actually has vegetarians, who knew) and paid 6 euros for a coke (no joke). We were a bit bummed we did not get to adventure much, but we will be back in April, plus remember when we spent a summer in Paris? What should we have on our “must do or see” list for April? We missed the Catacombs during our summer visit so I have put that top on my list. Any other suggestions?

BYE, BYE, HOT LATINO: Will has decided that instead of taking off for a “work trip” right before we move to another country he will do it right before we launch a business. Dude? What is up with this guy? Joking aside, he is my business partner in this next chapter and he has definitely been pulling his weight, he might need a vacation. He loves it when I call his “work” trips a vacation. Right? Who doesn’t want to go to Boston in January for some meetings and 12 hour work days?

THE KIDS TRIPS: Next week I will give a full report on each of their World Peace trips. Overall they were a grand success. We are proud of their commitment to stand up for what they believe in. They are growing up so fast, we are giving them wings more often these days and they are doing great things with those wings. Let them fly folks. Tell me, how have you embraced the independence of your child? Do they have causes they are passionate about?

PODCASTS: We will be working all weekend, again. I would love your suggestions for some amazing podcasts. What are you listening to these days? Any suggestions for kids?


7 Lessons: As we enter into the unknown with WorldTowning this video really resonates with me. #6 is my favorite and if you get out and travel you will realize this more and more.

HAPPINESS IS HERE: I only read a handful of blogs these days since time is limited, but HIH is one of my favorites. If you are on the cusp of homeschooling or unschooling and you are worried this is a great starter read.


WOMEN’S MARCH FOR AMERICA – Avalon’s March for Rights

WOMEN’S MARCH PARIS FRANCE – Equal Rights for all – An American’s experience


My plan is to share discoveries, observations and pretty much randomness from days in France. Of course there will be more lengthy posts on the information that deserves more air-time, but so much is happening that it cannot all be in one post.

Ah, Paris. It really is a magical city. As I mentioned previously this was a big work trip and less of an adventure trip. However, we did manage to fit in the Picasso museum which was under renovation when we lived in Paris for the summer. We also took yet another trip to the Eiffel Tower. My goal is to visit it in every month of the year. I can tell you that the lines are short in January and the top is cold. Ha! Our main goal was to shoot a video in front of the tower and we did accomplish it, but not without drawing attention from some very kind police officers and some very unfriendly security. Apparently Will and I (with all of our equipment) send up a bit of a red flag. Or it could have been what we were wearing and drinking. Wait until you see the video. Coming to you launch week!

Have a fantastic weekend.



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  1. In Paris: Have you visited the Canal St. Martin area? Or the Promenade des Plantes, the model for NYC’s High Line? ( Near the Gare de Lyon).

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