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Bonjour friends! Wow! WHAT A WEEK! We launched WorldTowning, did you hear? Ha!

Lets start this post off with a big, huge, gigantic hug, thank you and smothering of kisses. You all brought us/me to tears this week. I could have never dreamed of the amount of support you all dished out. Your likes, comments, shares, follows, subscribes and kind words were amazing.

The funny (well, actually, not so funny) thing about starting a business from the ground up is that you have to overcome a lot of fear, primarily the fear of starving to death. And all of you have helped us through our first week with flying colors. When you take a leap like this with a completely location independent, virtual company you are counting on a lot of social media marketing and sharing. Thank you for helping us spread the word. We were amazed to see folks come out of the woodwork in support. Friends from 1st grade, friends from our wild days in LA, friends from my life in London, friends from our NYC days, friends from Boston (and beyond), online friends, travel friends, family and so much more. We know it only takes a minute to say something kind about our business or do a share of our website, but it speaks mounds to us about our friendship and your unconditional love when you take the time to do it. Thank you for your support.

We are yet again taking off into the unknown and it makes us feel so much better knowing that all of you have our back. Consider yourself forever members of the WorldTowning fan club! Membership fee waived.


ROUND UP time!
MEDICAL CARE: Two weeks ago we had to finish the final piece in the puzzle with our visa. In France they require you to have a physical, but the catch is that it has to be with their immigration doctors in Marseille and it costs 250 euros each. Just to give you another side, it costs us only 40 euros in our town of Hyères to get a physical. But, hey, we are just happy to be able to live in France, so we are not going to complain, too much. It is a pretty straightforward physical, an x-ray to check for TB and a finger prick to check for diabetes. We passed with flying colors, they even thought I was a marathon runner, bah, now that was funny. However, I did have one little issue, my blood sugar was above the norm. I have been having a lot of problems with circulation in my hands and feet which I have chalked up to too many hours in front of my computer, but I made an appointment for a follow-up with my GP here in Hyères just to be safe. I got the results today. I am ok, however still on the high-end of the spectrum. I eat hardly any sugar, but apparently I am still getting too much. Do they put sugar in cheese? I digress. The story I am getting to is that I had an office visit for 24 euros and blood taken for 16 euros. I even got an on the spot appointment with the doctor and the blood clinic was a walk in. Remind me again why everyone worries about medical when they travel? Lets worry about whether a country has good cheese or not, now that is a real concern.

START-UP: If you have ever been close to someone who is starting a business or if you grew up in a family with businesses you know how much sweat, work, tears and passion goes into bringing an idea you believe in to fruition. I will not post something like this every week, but I do want to do a heartfelt shout out to my co-founder, business partner and adventure seeking hot latino. The idea for the business was mine, but his vision brought it (and continues) to bring it to a global level that frankly never crossed my mind. My thoughts are simple, his are grand, really grand! Get ready. This is the first time I have had a business partner and what I can tell you so far is that I love it. And I cannot imagine any better partner to have than Will. He works hard, thinks way outside the box and he things BIG! He hustles and is determined to bring this passion based business to the masses. Thank you Will Sueiro for keeping it fresh, fun and adventurous!

QUESTIONS: I know we threw a lot at you this week. Do you have any questions? We are here to help! As WorldTowners we love this travel life and our goal is to get those of you who want to travel on the road. We have a lot coming in the next several months to grow WorldTowning even further. Welcome, let’s make your travel dream a reality.

WELCOME NEW FOLLOWERS: We are so happy to have you along with us. You are now part of an amazing growing community. I just want to share with you what you can expect from these Friday posts. The weekly update is how I wrap up the week for all of you. I share what has been happening in our travel live as it relates to the business WorldTowning. I also share inspiration, great articles and useful resources I have found during the week, again as they relate to WT’ing and pursing your dreams. Then, I share our  WT’ing 101 and WT’ing up-close vlogs from the week, just in case you missed them on YouTube. Finally, I share our previous weekend adventure. Let us know if there is something else you would like to see in this update. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter in order to receive bi-weekly insider secrets and for the chance to win 4 days in Mexico.


MAKE LIFE EXTRAORDINARY: Are you ready to live more? Do you take life too serious? Do you give enough happiness to your family? Todays dose of inspiration. Listen! Just take 7:25 minutes to dig deep!

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” —Oscar Wilde.

FACE YOUR FEARS: And find your freedom. Another amazing millennial.



Welcome to WorldTowning!

We are WorldTowners!

What is WorldTowning?


Montpellier, France. Several weeks ago we spent the weekend in Montpellier. It was our second choice place to live in France so we had to check it out and see if we made the right decision with Hyères. We are a bit divided, take a look for yourself.

A Day In Montpellier, France

A Day In Hyères, France


Have a fabulous weekend. Happy St. Patrick’s Day for those of you celebrating. And… Go Adventure!




2 thoughts on “Weekly Update + Montpellier, France

  1. I have just discovered your fascinating website and blog. We are Americans with a house in a small village in Drome Provence, which we share on a rotating basis with 9 other couples. We will go again this October. I have been to France many times (first time when I was 13) and spent a week in Montpellier when I was in college as part of a year abroad. We will actually spend a week there this October before we head to Mirabel aux Baronnies for the rest of our stay. Seeing your video about Montpelier makes me very excited to revisit this charming city. And I am looking forward to reading more about your adventures!

    Antonia Dosik

    1. Antonia, Thank you for our kind words. Wow, that is super cool that you share a house with 9 other couples. How did that come to be? Fascinating. I am so glad you liked the video. You know we almost moved to Montpellier so it was interesting to check it out. We loved it, but still prefer our village for this season in our life. We plan to be more mobile by October and in eastern Europe, but let us know when you are in town, plans change and we can always do a meet up. Thanks for commenting and keep in touch.

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