Weekly Update + Monaco


Weekly Update

Bonjour friends. Happy Sunday! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend. Has the warm weather reached you yet? We are in full swing summer here in the south of France. It is warm, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and the village is buzzing.


We will be leaving our cute little village in July. It is all getting quite real. I am sad, we are all sad. Living here has been (yet again) an amazing experience and frankly one I am not ready to leave just yet. We have been welcomed by the local community with open arms. We have shared meals, tears, adventures, hopes, dreams and so much more. Luckily, for the first time we will not be leaving the continent for our next adventure, which means we will be stopping in every several months. Our friends won’t be able to get rid of us that fast. There will be more on this as we get closer to launching for our next adventure, but for now lets just say we are feeling the friend love.


The kids have made some amazing friends as well. I have this vision that one day when they are older they will come to me and say, “remember when we were living in xyz and I had ________ as a friend? Well I am going to meet him or her for an adventure!” It is truly a blessing in life to have a tribe of friends across the globe. To learn how others live differently and still find a common ground that makes you want to be friends is pure magic.

Today I dropped Avalon off at her friend’s house. She text me shortly after I left her saying they had a surprise party waiting for her. How darn cute is that? People are good. Kids are great and they have hearts of gold. I am so grateful to Serena and Amandine for welcoming Avalon into their life and treating her like a sister.

Largo is a little different because he is younger so they are not as independent, but his friend circle includes Lalo, Luca, Louis, Zoe, Alix and Gaillet. In his case we spend time with the families of his friends from school who are all just as cool and welcoming as the kids. Again, there will be a more thorough wrap up post about our time in Hyères and all of our special friends before we take off.


Wow! Thank you all for watching LIVE and after it is filmed. Cheesy hour is growing and we really appreciate all of your support and feedback. If you have never seen a CH we welcome you to join us every Saturday at 12:00 pm EDT on our WorldTowning facebook page. It is live so it should just show up on your page if you have LIKED the WT’ing page.

Sharing Time!


What do you think of this one? I remember starting to work for my parents orchard as young as eight and I have had a job ever since. I am a big believer in allowing and encouraging kids to work. Avalon will be launching her first business by fall and both kids will work in WorldTowing this summer on a part-time basis. They are super excited to grow, make their own money and have some control over their life. What are your thoughts? Are you for or against or maybe you haven’t really thought about it yet.


I absolutely do. And I do it even when I don’t speak the language. It is met with a smile and a response at least 95% of the time.


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Weekly Adventures!



Fun, right? Do you remember our first visit to Monaco? I think visiting the second smallest country in the world twice is pretty darn wild. The Vatican might get jealous. I guess we owe her another visit as well.

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.



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