Weekly Update + France, Monaco and Italy


France, Monaco and Italy

Happy Friday, I mean Monday. Sorry I have missed two weeks. We were back “home” in Hyères visiting with friends, working our butts off and getting ready to go! As a result, time was tight. But, guess what… WE LAUNCHED! France, Monaco and Italy are behind us (for now). Well, since I am writing this from the French Alps I guess France is still with us. Heck, it will always be with us, we love France.


I am going to start here because these folks make this travel adventure go from awesome to bonkers amazing. We were welcomed back into Hyères with open arms from our tribe of local friends. They had our favorite drinks, food and cheese (they know me) ready for us. They opened up their schedules and made us laugh on days that we were under a lot of stress and needed a release. Plus, they offered hot showers and their washing machines. Now those are good friends. I am almost embarrassed to admit how many showers Will tested out. I think he secretly has a goal to try out showers in every country we visit. Who’s next?


Getting ready to go? I know everyone thought we had left for the next adventure, but we did not actually leave France until August 18th. There were several reasons. First, and probably the most important is visa related. We needed to get our long-stay tourist visa renewed and our appointment was in the beginning of August. Second, we wanted to spend some time with Lemonade on soil we were familiar with. If any issues were to occur we would be able to return to the seller and get her fixed up in a jiffy. Finally, we were going to be meeting my parents in Normandy for birthday celebrations. All in all it was a great decision. Although Lemonade only had a couple of very, very small issues, we had other logistics to figure out. I am glad we had access to resources in France at the time.

And now, we are launched!!! We are officially on the two-year, every country in Europe tour! And it feels good. I will share more on this as the weeks pass on. Plus, there will be a big celebration over at our YouTube channel when the launch video is ready.


Have you been to Dijon? Does the name sound familiar? Mustard anyone? We tested some amazing mustard while there. Someone in our family is a new mustard lover. Anything spicy and he loves it. Any guesses? Funny, I never felt compelled to visit Dijon, until we had a friend that spent a year there studying and we happened to be passing through. So we decided to pop in, it was a good decision. We took a free, very interesting, walking tour of the city, visited the cell phone store (taking care of business) and did our laundry. Now that was fun! The kids took care of it while we were on Cheesy Hour. I think it was a fair swap.

We were only in Turin for under 24 hours, but we managed to sneak in a visit to Museo Egizio and Museo Auto. The kids loved both of them. If you are planning a trip to the Egyptian museum and you want to book a tour do it early, they sell out. We were late to the game, however the audio guides were very entertaining and thorough.


Have I mentioned how much we love Lemonade? We are incredibly happy with our purchase. We love the brand, the functionality, the smooth ride and much more. During our month in France we noticed a handful of very small items that needed to be fixed. When we called TPL to ask them about repairing the items they scheduled an appointment for our return to the south. When we arrived they had us fixed up and ready to go in under two hours. Now that is great customer service! If we ever decide to upgrade we will surely bring our business to them again.


Wow, Italy is expensive! And the tolls! We paid 58 euros to ride through a tunnel. We do our best to stick to local roads, but we were in the Alps and the toll road was our only option. We do plan to visit Italy again for much longer in a couple of months, but the costs has us considering a shorter stay. Have you spend time with your motorhome in Italy? How did you keep your costs down?

And if you have some time in Turin to sightsee we would recommend the Museo Egizio and Museo Auto. But, if you plan on taking a tour at the Egyptian museum book early because they sell out. We used the audio guides and they were very informative and interactive.


We found a local guy in Hyères who created a decal for the side and back of Lemonade. We love them! We already had someone subscribe to our YouTube channel based on the web address they saw driving down the freeway. We also ordered small stickers to handout to anyone who is curious about this lifestyle and our business. This was just another part of us “getting stuff done” in order to launch. We had planned on leaving on the 17th, however when he adhered the decal he told us we could not move for 12 hours. Luckily, we were in the parking lot of an establishment that allowed motorhomes to stay overnight.


When we left France on our grand adventure on August 18th our 2nd country was Monaco. Our plan was to have lunch in Monaco and then head off to Italy. Since we had been to Monaco twice before we had no desire to spend more than the afternoon there. Unfortunately, our trip was even shorter than planned because we had difficulty finding a parking spot. We ended up double parking, scoffing down a lunch from our fridge, dipping our toes in the mediterranean and then taking off for Turin.

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As we near the end of summer and beach vacations it is important to remember how powerful the ocean can be.


I have said it before and I will say it again teenagers rock! I have said it before and I will say it again, you teens get a bad rap. You are fearless, innovative and open-minded. Keep up the good work.


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