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Bonjour, friends! Happy Saturday! Thanks for all the great feedback from Thursday’s post. And welcome, new followers! Wow, there are so many of you. Get ready, because it’s going to get really wild in January when we launch the WorldTowning business and then five months later when we take another big adventure leap. You only live once!

ROUND UP time!

DINNER WITH FRIENDS: Can I tell you how much I love having dinner with friends in their home here in Hyéres? It is more intimate than a restaurant, super comfortable and lets face it, nothing beats a home cooked meal. We are making new friends here, learning about local cuisine and laughing loads while we enjoy goûteaperitif dinatoire and dinner. The eating logistics, formalities, and customs are very different from our life in the US and our experience in Central and South America, but that is a post for another day.

HOLIDAY PARTY: We love to build community by opening our doors and hosting parties, celebrating holidays and sharing traditions. Last weekend, we had our first Christmas party since traveling. We kept it simple with appetizers and hot cocoa (with some peppermint schnapps for the adults). Again, another one that needs its own post. Tell me, do you host holiday parties? Do you keep it simple or go over the top?

SCHOOL BREAK: The kids are officially on school break! And I don’t think I have ever seen them so happy to have time off. Their school day is long and they burn out fairly quickly. Luckily, they have a vacation every six weeks. Largo was literally dancing down the street when I picked him up yesterday. Normally, we take off on a grand adventure each time they have a break, but this holiday season we will be hanging tight and enjoying our time in Hyéres with our family. 2016 has been a long, hard, exhausting, emotional and expensive year. We all need some down time. Do you feel the same, or are you ready to party like rockstars over the holidays?

GUESTS ARRIVING: My parents arrive in four days! Woo hoo! They switch spending Christmas between my sister (who is in LA) and I each year. This is our year. I am grateful that they make the effort to come to us. It is always so much nicer to have family and friends around during the holidays. Do you have family arriving for the holidays or do you travel to them?

HOLIDAY GIFTS: I think we are done with our shopping. I think?!?!? We mailed two large boxes off to Will’s family in Miami last week. The kids have made their gifts for us and each other. Will and I have organized, purchased and wrapped our gifts for the kids. We have baked, crafted, partied and now we are ready to relax. Have you finished your shopping? Did you do it online, head to the malls, or buy local? We did a mixture of all of the above this year.



ALEPPO: My heart is heavy. Why are we not talking about this on social media? Innocent people are being killed. Samantha Power made a powerful statement at the recent UN Security Council meeting on Tuesday. We have a budding Ambassador in the house, so it gave me great pleasure to share Samantha’s simple, yet accurate words. Have you shared the situation in Aleppo with your kids? Or do you think it’s too much for them to handle?

POWERFUL: This is probably one of the most powerful messages I have seen in a long time. So tell me, did you notice the first time you saw it? I definitely did not and that is exactly the point, right? Did it make you think differently? Are your eyes wide open now?

TEACHERS ROCK: An amazing teacher in the US reaches out to a family living a life on the ocean. Remember the Meyers family from Inside A Traveler’s Walls? In a time when the world seems to be spinning out of control, it’s important to remember that there are so many people doing their little part to create global awareness, spread love and open the minds of young children to different ways of living. Great job, Meyers!

I BELIEVE: So tell me, what do you believe? Do some of these statements resonate with you? Have you made a change for your child?

LOVE THIS BLOG: Do you speak up when your kids are not being respected? Or are the social pressures from the outside world too overwhelming for you to say something? To be honest, we were privy to many pressures when we were young parents, but now we feel very differently. Will and I have seen the lifechanging (and I mean this in a bad way) effects that can occur if children are taught to keep the peace and constantly compromise. This is a great read and one I recommend sharing.



LIVING IN FRANCE – My moment as a stripper

LIVING IN FRANCE – Family time at Carcassonne Castle


My plan is to share discoveries, observations, and randomness from days in France. Of course there will be more lengthy posts on the information that deserves more air time, but so much is happening that it cannot all be a post.

CARCASSONNE: We were lucky enough to spend one night inside the walls of this iconic Medieval fortress. The purpose of our visit was to enjoy the history by stepping back in time, plus to celebrate Largo turning nine. What better way to ring in nine than in a castle with 2,500 years of history. Overall we enjoyed our trip immensely, had an amazing tour guide and ate local cuisine. And since it is so close to Spain I even got to use my Spanish again.

Have a fabulous Sunday.



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