Weekly Update + Cannes, France


Bonjour friends. Happy Friday! How are you? Do you have any adventures planned for the weekend? Please share your thoughts!

Weekly Update


Did you see THIS video? We made a decision, finally. We will be ______ for one year in Europe.


On our WorldTowning101 YouTube channel we are building every week to delivery useful WorldTowning tips to those of you who want to hack the planning process. In addition to our current material we will be adding interviews with other travelers who have information to share that we deem useful to your planning. This week we are meeting with our first WorldTowners and boy do they have a lot to share. I can’t wait to bring these new segments to our 101 series for all of you. Anyone you would like us to interview?


As you all know we are big local community builders. Here in Hyères we have built a community of artist and musicians. How cool is that? You should see us when we all get together! Last night I went to an art exhibit by my friend Karin and listened to my friend Colinne play music all night long. We have never really built a community of artists during our travels thus far. We have not been adverse to it, it just never happened. Our family is really enjoying all the art and music in our life in France since we felt the void of it in Costa Rica and Ecuador. If you are currently a WorldTowner what type of local community do you gravitate to? Or does it vary like us? If you are not traveling yet do you think this will be important to you?


I started this tradition in Ecuador with local friends and I have tried to continue it here in France. We have had a lot of social, but not many “girls nights” until tonight. I will be adventuring out with some mama’s from Largo’s school later today. Again, another art event. Do you engage in girls nights as a traveler or not? Do you find value in them? I spend a lot of time with my family who I love dearly, however it is nice to get out with the ladies from time to time. This got me thinking, is it only a US thing? What is it like where you are?


This weekend we are going to have our first guests on Cheesy hour! And we are super excited. They are a family traveling around Europe, airbnb style. Remember when we were considering this? Well, they helped us out a ton with our questions. If you are interested in learning more about their travel life please tune in on Saturday @ 12:00pm EDT/9:00am PDT!

Sharing Time!


Our friends the Sinclair’s give an amazing description of their worldschooling life as they travel around the globe.


If you are a traveler how many of these can you relate to? If not, do you fantasize about a life similar to this?


As most of you know we are big fans of airbnb. This post by Wanderlust Crew does a great job giving suggestions if you are thinking of venturing down this road.


Brilliant. I love this concept. It embraces adventure, community, minimalism and much more. Who wants to go with us?


Wow, this is a cool rig. Could you do it?


New Vlogs

RV EUROPE vs Airbnb for our Next Year – THE DECISION!

Airbnb weekend in Cannes – RV vs Airbnb Europe

Our First Q & A | WorldTowning 101

Weekly Adventures!


This past weekend adventure took us to an amazing wedding and a couple of days in Cannes, France. Plus, we tried out an airbnb that would be the size we could afford if we were to switch countries every month throughout Europe for the next year. Cannes was a lot of fun and the mountainous setting was gorgeous. We pretty much figured out that the beach is the main attraction and the Cannes Film Festival which they were setting up for while we were there.

And for those of you who read all the way to the bottom… we bought this lovely rv. What should we name her or him?


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