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Bonjour friends! Friday! Did you have an amazing week? Are you ready for your weekend adventures? Tonight we are heading to the local boat show and tomorrow we are off to adventure for a day or two. What do you have planned? You know I am going to ask you this every Friday. Our goal with WorldTowning is to get more of you traveling and adventuring! Make it easier on us and go for it. Ha! Anyways, on to our travel update from Paris!

Weekly Round Up – Paris Edition!


I am happy (ok, OVERJOYED) to share with all of you that we have clients and not just one. YEAH! Thank you to everyone who has shared our story, biz, YouTube, Instagram, etc. This party is getting started faster than we had anticipated and we are not complaining one bit. Now, who is next? I think we should give a $200 discount to the next person who wants our Navigator package. What do you think? It is Friday and we are feeling generous. Just reference this post and I will let you know if you are the first to respond.


As most of you know we spent six days in Paris, primarily for the marathon, but also to hang with friends and family. Will ended up finishing the marathon with a time of 3:49. He is The Man and the Hot Latino and I am darn lucky! Before each marathon we designate a couple of points where we will be waiting for him. The Paris marathon had 42,000 participants, the biggest one to date for all of us. As a result, we missed him at the second meet up, bummer. Largo spotted him after he had passed us. Well, I guess this was bound to happen at some point. It was still a load of fun. Did you follow us on Instastories?


After spending a summer in Paris you would think that we had seen it all, but nope. We hit some oldies (but goodies) with our friends/the grandparents and we hit some new sights. I even finally got to realize my dream of visiting the Catacombs, ok, that sounds weird typing it. However, I do recommend them, very interesting. We did the Seine river cruise again (I never bore of this), the d’Orsay museum again (another one I love) and tons of walking. We spent several evenings eating leisurely meals and engaging in interesting conversation, when in Rome. The French truly have mastered the art of food, friends and communication. And we binged on falafels, found a bagel shop (FINALLY) and ate some less than appetizing street food. Overall we had a blast. Who wants to meet up with us for our next extended adventure?


My mom is a trooper. She will fly anywhere to see her grandchildren and support Will in his running. Mom was only able to come for five days, which is a long trip for her, but she did it. We love her very much and it is always great to give her yet another glimpse into our life as full-time travelers. Thanks for coming mom.


Anyone have a hamster? Sunshine is the latest addition to our family. We have previously only left him alone for a couple of days. Our friend Karin came in to check on him, but she said he seemed a bit depressed and not himself. Any suggestions for the next time we leave him with a sitter? It will be interesting to see how he likes our next adventure.

What’s Next

Next week on WorldTowning101 we are going to share our plans for our next adventure. Well, I don’t know if I would call them plans yet, we are in a bit of a dilemma. We were dead set on “something” but we are entertaining “something” a little different now. We are going to share our thoughts with you for your input, but also to show you what goes into our planning when we choose our next country.


Come May we have something interesting happening every weekend. A wedding, a collaboration, another traveler visiting us and a family member coming to Hyères. Before we know it we will be in June and just weeks away from taking off on our next adventure. Where does the time go anyway?

Sharing Time!


Do you do it? You all know how much I dislike it, but I still do it because I believe in taking care of my one and only body. Do you want more hours in your life? Seven to be exact?


We have thrown around the idea of hiking the Appalachian Trail in the US for years. We will do it one of these days. Our plan is to wait until the kids are old enough to carry their own packs. Maybe in about two years. But, what if you could do this? Any interest?


I have seen this several times online. Anyone done it? I think it would be fun to get a bunch of families together and make a grande adventure out of it.

New Vlogs

Paris Marathon 2017

Things We Have Learned

Weekly Adventure in Paris!

Can you guess what this week’s pictures will be? Paris!!!! Well, actually our friends and family in Paris and a couple of sights. I barely shot any pics of Paris this trip, I just focused on our group.

Paris Catacombs

Paris Catacombs

Paris train station

Friends in Paris

Travel kids in Paris

Travel kids in Paris

"The Big Wheel"

Adding our lock to the light

Travel Update from Paris

Travel Update from Paris Outtakes

Traveling kids in Paris

A Family that Travels Together, Stays Together

Old Friends in Paris


Paris Breakfast Run 2017

Eiffel Tower at Night

Eiffel Tower Night Portrait

Have a fabulous weekend! Meet you back here on Monday.



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