Weekly Update + A Park in Ecuador


Bonjour friends! Here we are again, time for another weekly travel blog update! Did you have a good week? Did you adventure? Are you thinking it might be time to travel more? Funny thing, we travel, you all know that, but we are always looking to see how we can travel deeper, richer, and more culturally immersed. The moral of the story is…once you catch the bug it has you forever. And that is not a bad thing!




Check out our Instastories for the latest updates. It is the boys versus the girls and they are kinda kicking our butts. If you are not familiar with IG stories check out the image below and make sure you follow us on IG as well.

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The boys are in Paris and we will be on our way shortly. Why??

The Paris Marathon!

Someone is running it and you all know who — the Hot Latino! Clearly not me, now that is funny. We will be staying for several days after the marathon to hang with our friends and my mom. I can never get enough of Paris, plus WorldTowning loves it as well. Remember our orange wigs under the Eiffel Tower video? I have packed the wigs, hey, you never know when you might need an orange wig. Right?


Tomorrow we will reveal our news on Cheesy Hour (aka WT’ing FB Live). It is big for us, scary, but big and we could not be happier. We have added another full-time employee to our WT’ing family. He is going to be amazing. This individual brings skills to WT’ing that none of the other team members have. Catch us tomorrow (Saturday, April 8th) LIVE from Paris at @ 12pm EDT/9am PDT. 


Largo had his celebration at school this week and it was massive. The kids dressed in costumes, serious costumes, they don’t mess around with Carnival here in the south of France. They paraded around the playground, threw confetti and ended with an hour of snacking (or as they say in French, goûter). It was adorable. There are many joys with travel. The ability to learn how other cultures celebrate holidays is pretty darn amazing. And I don’t have any pictures because there is something wrong with my battery on my camera, ugh.



We thought we knew exactly what our next adventure would be, but now we are a bit torn. Our plan is to share our two options with all of you and get your thoughts. Our plan was X until we met a family doing Y and there might even be a Z in the plans as of yesterday. I think we will still go with X, but the others are worth investigating. Don’t you just love it when I speak in code?


We have a lot of big plans for WorldTowning in the next couple of months, but we also have tons of adventures planned. We will be attending a wedding in France, several visitors will come to our town, we will meet-up with other travelers and we have a couple of YouTube collaborations planned. Then in June/July we will embark on our next adventure, so get ready and hold on to your seat. Sometimes I can’t even keep up with all the change.



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GAP YEAR GRANTS: My lovely friend Jennifer Miller is behind this project so I know it will be amazing and a huge success.

72 AND BACKPACKING: You are never too old to do the things you always wanted to do. Again, you are never too old to do the things you always wanted to do.



Hyeres Art Walk!

Top 5 Things You Don’t Know About Long-Term Travel – WorldTowning 101



Just a park in Ecuador a long time ago. I am missing Ecuador and our friends today so I thought I would send them some love.

Family Fun in Ecuador

Family Fun in Ecuador

Family Fun in Ecuador

Family Fun in Ecuador

Family Fun in Ecuador

Family Fun in Ecuador

Family Fun in Ecuador

Have a fabulous weekend. And…go adventure.



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