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Bonjour, friends. Happy Friday. It’s time for the Weekly Update + Giens in Hyéres, but before we get started I want to do a big shoutout and welcome our new followers! This week has been amazingly fruitful in our blogging and vlogging world and we owe it to all of you followers, new and old. I thank you for your likes, subscribes, comments and shares.

ROUND UP time!
PROMISES: Ok, I know I promised several of you a French school update and the Carcassonne castle post, but I was unable to get them up this week. They are slotted for next week. Thank you for your patience. It has been a bit of a crazy week with the release of our Youtube Channel Trailer, work and so much more.

CHANNEL TRAILER: Woo Hoo! All of our hard work in October paid off. This week we released “our story” on Youtube and on the blog, as a teaser for our new business WorldTowning, coming in January. Please like, share and SUBSCRIBE if you have a couple of minutes. Will is trying to hit 1,000 subscribers before Christmas. He says that’s all he wants from Santa. Let’s help him out. Sandi and Jimi Falin at Something New Films shot our Channel Trailer, but Will has created every other video on our channel. He works his tail off for an art he truly loves. Let’s show him the love. Thank you in advance.

CHRISTMAS: I am sure many of you are wondering how we handle the holidays while traveling full-time. In a nutshell, we hold on to some of our traditions from the US, gather others from countries we have lived in, and then we do a big adventure. We bake, craft, host parties, volunteer, watch movies, and try to stay clear of the commercial aspect as much as possible. We don’t completely abstain, but each year we get closer to creating more memories and ignoring the consumer pressure. How do you handle the holidays? Does it stress you out? Have you ever decided to skip them and take the family on an adventure? Our friends Jimi and Sandi (our filmmakers) are doing just that this year. Thailand for several weeks, best present ever!

TREE: I need to do a special shout out to our friend Julie. She delivered a tree to us yesterday! We don’t have a car, so our plan was to walk 25 minutes to the store and then carry it back. She was at the store and volunteered to bring us one. Thank you Julie! You saved us a ton of time that we really did not have yesterday.

AND OFF HE GOES: The Hot Latino is off tomorrow for an adventure in Milan and Munich. We wish we could go with him, but school, finances and work are keeping us in our cute little town. We will miss him, but I am sure he will have a fabulous time and will shoot some amazing drone footage.

HYERES TOURISM BOARD: Guess who put our video on their website? The Hyères tourism board! Pretty cool, right? They are a very active tourism office. Check out this video they made. Amazing! It was the video that sold us on moving here.


HOMEWORK: Before we moved to France, we were warned about the amount of homework they give. Luckily it has been far less than expected, however the school days are very long. Frankly, I am of the belief that the younger kids should not have homework at all. How do you feel? Homework or not? Does your school have a no homework policy? I have had several friends tell me that their school has officially gotten rid of homework. Love it.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “We now have the technology to destroy the planet on which we live, but have not yet developed the ability to escape it,” Stephen Hawking. Thanks for sharing Julie.






My plan is to share discoveries, observations and randomness from our week in France. Of course, there will be lengthier posts on the information that deserves more air time, but so much is happening that it cannot all fit into one post.

GIENS PENNINSULA: Our friends Gilles and Celine introduced us to an amazing hike out on the peninsula here in Hyères. We loved it so much that we went back two days later to shoot the final scenes for our video. It was that amazing folks.

It takes about 1.5 hours to hike out to the end of the peninsula. And if you go with a local they can give you the full historical experience, there are still structures standing with bullet holes in them. It is an   amazing hike on top of majestic cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean and through jungle paths weaving in and out of greenery. It was easy to enjoy the journey, however the true “wow” moment was when we hiked down the back side of a cliff into a cave and then did some jumps into the water. So far this has been my favorite experience in Hyères. I find myself wanted to do it again every weekend, unfortunately it is difficult to get to since we don’t have a car.

I hope everyone has loads of adventures planned for this weekend. And if not, find some and go adventure. Have a fabulous weekend.



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