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Hola friends. Friday!!!! It’s a pretty heavy work weekend for the Mr. and I, but we do plan to have some fun starting tonight. I mentioned briefly on IG and FB recently that Avalon and I have been volunteering at a children’s home on Fridays, well tonight is their holiday play. These kids are amazing and hanging with them for a couple of hours on Fridays is the perfect end to our busy week. I have so much to say about the whole experience, but that is for another post. I hope you have a fabulous weekend with lots of love, laughter and happiness.

Several years ago we lived in a charming Boston suburb. It was the kind of place where you would see lights twinkling in snow-covered windows. A place where you could smell the coziness of a fresh chimney fire. And most definitely the kind of place you see in the movies that feature New England during Christmas. Oh, the memories. It was in this magical place that I attended my first cookie exchange.

Have you ever been to a cookie exchange? Or how I like to refer to it… Lots of alcohol with some cookies being swapped upon exit, if you are lucky enough to remember them on your way out the door. Might be kind of odd to arrive home without the cookies, right? I had never been to a cookie exchange until I moved to Milton. Who does not like cookies, wine and hanging out with a bunch of cool ladies? I definitely did not pass up that invitation.

What are the rules to this game:

  • Bake cookies (ok, easy). The host will tell you how many cookies are expected from you. I think I had to bring three dozen to the one I attended.
  • Remember to bring the cookies to the exchange. Seems easy, but this one can be challenging. A lady has a lot to remember, right? Wine, outfit, cell phone, lipstick. I could see how it would be easy to run out the door without the cookies.
  • Drive to the home of the cookie exchange. In my case it was in my neighborhood, so I walked to the party with my wine, lipstick, phone, warm coat, gloves, hat. There is a lot to remember if you are walking. Don’t forget the cookies (second reminder). Can you tell I might have forgotten the cookies?
  • Arrive, have fun, drink loads of wine because you can walk home (in my case). Don’t forget to bring cookies home.

All joking aside this is a fun event to take part it. I walked away from my first cookie swap with some new recipes, achy stomach muscles (lots of laughing), cookies for breakfast for the kids (I was confident I would not want to cook breakfast the next morning, something about wine) and in the spirit for the holidays.

Have you been to a cookie exchange? What is your go to cookie?

I am sure you can imagine that I was over the top excited when I was asked to participate in a virtual cookie exchange this year with Patience Brewster. If you have a moment be sure to check out her Christmas ornaments page. I am loving these gorgeous ornaments for the person who has everything.

Do you have recipe you would like to share in this virtual cookie exchange? Tag away and share. The more the merrier.



  • 1 package of Oreo cookies
  • 1/2 package of cream cheese
  • 1/4 cup of peppermint Schnapps
  • White chocolate melts
  • Candy canes


  1. Crush Oreo cookies in a plastic bag and pour into a bowl.
  2. Mix in the Schnapps (you can skip this if you want to serve these to kids) and cream cheese, then chill for 45 minutes.
  3. Drop teaspoon size dough on to a cookie sheet with parchment paper and chill again for 1 hour.
  4. Melt white chocolate melts, roll the drops in the white chocolate and place back on cookie sheet.
  5. Crush candy canes and sprinkle them on the cookie while the chocolate is still warm.
  6. Chill in the fridge until hardened.

Have a great weekend.


p.s. Recipe courtesy of Holly, the host of my first cookie swap. Good times.

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