Common Travel Questions

Slow traveling the world and planning your move to another country can be pretty complicated. That’s why we created this list of common travel questions to help you on your way.

No, this is something you will have to do on your own, in person. This being said, we will give you the list of requirements and answer any questions you may have, so you are able to complete the process as stress-free as possible.

We provide you with information about the local climate and annual temperatures, as well as a “getting started” packing list. These resources will provide the basis for your own list of items, customized to your personal needs.

We give you a current list of the recommended vaccines, as reported by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for Disease Control Centers and Prevention (CDC). Some vaccines are required for areas of travel. You should factor this into your decision making. Other vaccines are not required. You will need to decide which ones you will choose to get.

Yes! We’ve walked this path, and we can help you navigate it, too. Please contact us with your specific questions and concerns.

Once you commit to the creation of a WorldTowning™ Launch Plan, we immediately start researching and putting together information for your customized plan. Because of this, we are only able to give a 50% refund within the first 2 weeks. Beyond that, there is no true way to determine a fair refund. For the WorldTowning™ Housing Plan, you will need to check the cancellation policy that pertains to your selected property.

There is no particular client type that we think is not a fit. We work with people of any age, gender, race and religion. Every person on this planet can benefit from the rich cultural experience that slow travel gives. That said, if you have a particular health condition or other concern that restricts or limits you from travel, we suggest you consult your doctor or other professional before committing to this process.

There is no waitlist for properties; however, we provide you with the option to book future dates.

We do not recommend taking your pets with you for the short periods of time that WorldTowning offers. This is because travel can be extremely disruptive to their schedules, and different countries have different regulations regarding pets. If you are passionate about having your pet accompany you, however, we can help you to understand the laws and vaccines required for taking a pet to your selected country.

We do not believe an adventure like this is ever wasted. Just because young children will not have vivid memories does not mean the experience will not positively impact them. They will try different foods, hear new languages, and learn to sleep in varying conditions to name a few of the many benefits. Travel is beneficial – even for the very young.

As part of your WorldTowning experience, we will discuss all of your family’s needs. We will do our best to find options for your child in the town of your choosing.

Yes! We will discuss phones and other technological options during our initial meetings.

Yes, we are glad you asked! Please email us to place your order.

We suggest that we begin working together one year from your desired launch date. Of course, we can condense this into a shorter time if that is what you have; but, we prefer to have at least a six-month lead-time before your departure date.