Travel Experts

Our WorldTowning team of travel experts is an eclectic community of virtually connected, creative and talented professionals from all over the globe. Each team member contributes to WorldTowning part-time, giving them the freedom to pursue their love of travel, devote time to causes that are important to them and engage in other projects that inspire them.

At WorldTowning, we are a family, and we are committed to embracing people of all faiths, ethnicities and lifestyles. We believe that we are more powerful and effective when we create an environment of inclusion, and unite our unique qualities and strengths toward common goals that benefit humankind.


Meet our team

WorldTowning Founders

Jessica Sueiro
Chief Inspiration Officer

Jessica is an award-winning designer, blogger, photographer and serial entrepreneur. Those are her professional titles. More than that, she is a passionate partner, mother, full-time WorldTowner, worldschooler, life-liver and lover of the world.

Jessica grew up on an apple farm in rural Maine to outside-the-box-thinking parents, who encouraged the same in their children. For Jessica, it took. It was in the orchards that she not only gained her strong work ethic, but also her entrepreneurial spirit. As a young adult, Jessica studied advertising photography at Syracuse University, taking the opportunity to study abroad for a semester in London. That experience instilled in her a passion for travel. She subsequently took a job in the travel industry, which allowed her to travel all over the United States. It also led her to Will Sueiro.

Ever since her first travel experience, Jessica has wanted to visit every country in the world. To date, she has traveled to 25 countries and taken up residence in the United States (Boston, New York City, Los Angeles and several others), Costa Rica, Ecuador and France.

Will Sueiro
Chief Money Man

Will is a self-proclaimed tech junkie, runner for life and a self-taught YouTube aficionado. This juxtaposes his professional background as a certified public accountant (CPA). As the son of Cuban immigrants, Will’s first language was Spanish. He spent his childhood and young adult life in Miami, taking frequent family vacations and watching the cruise ships enter and exit the harbor. He eventually took a sales job in the travel industry (where he met Jessica).

Educated in his early years at Belen Jesuit School, Will graduated from Fordham University in New York with a degree in accounting. He worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in public accounting for 7 years – first in New York and then Los Angeles – before leaving for State Street (Boston) and ultimately joining the private sector. In his career, Will has worked on projects all over the world, appreciating the rich collaboration with people from various cultures and countries.

Will and Jessica are both committed to the traveling lifestyle and to helping as many people as possible achieve their dreams of doing the same. Will has visited 25 countries and has lived in a number of U.S. cities (New York City, Los Angeles, Boston and Miami), Costa Rica, Ecuador and France.

WorldTowning David

David Sandel
Ambassador of Buzz

David admits he has a travel addiction. 2 years ago, he quit his job as an electrical engineer to follow his dream of working for himself while traveling throughout the United States and around the globe. David is a freelance writer and digital marketing specialist amongst other things.

As a WorldTowning evangelist, David makes it a point to spread the word about this unique and enriching lifestyle to people far and wide. David’s personal philosophy is that travel should be fun, easy, unintimidating and available to all people – regardless of age, gender, race or family structure.

In the 2 years since David began living nomadically, he has traveled to Canada, Jordan, Mexico, Singapore, Spain and Thailand. When he travels within the United States, he lives in his van. He wants to be ready to pick up and go wherever the next adventure takes him. More about David and his business can be found online at LowGravitySolutions. For a daily dose of adventure, photography and travel inspiration, David invites followers to join him on Instagram.

WorldTowning Something New Films

Something New Films
Masters of Storytelling

Jimi and Sandi Falin approach everything they do with passion. Five years ago, the couple exchanged the American dream for their own dream. They quit their 9-to-5s to start Something New Films, a production company born out of their love for telling stories. Never did they imagine their venture would take them all over the world – from safaris in South Africa to the beaches of Thailand to the exotic locales of southern France. Inspired by travel, they decided they wanted their 3 children to experience life differently. They knew they wanted a traveling lifestyle, but they did not know how to embark on that adventure – until they met Jessica and Will of WorldTowning. Through that encounter, the Falins found the missing pieces to their puzzle. Within 2 months, the family sold 80% of their belongings and moved into their RV full-time. They are excited about this new experience and look forward to all the adventures that await them.

WorldTowning Joanne

Joanne Edgington
Executor of Eloquence

Joanne is a freelance writer and communications strategist who writes everything from complex global marketing communications plans for Fortune 500 companies to blogs about all the uses for coconut oil – and everything in between. She loves her work, because she can be creative, technical, poignant and provocative – researching cutting edge stroke technology one day and crafting web content to inspire travel the next.

As a business owner for over 25 years, Joanne has been able to weave her love of writing into the fabric of her life – family, faith, charity, travel and learning – creating a flexible lifestyle that has enabled her to work from anywhere. Joanne holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s in mass communications. When their children were young, Joanne and her husband often took long road trips, covering thousands of miles, so their children could see the beauty and wonder of different landscapes. Their two oldest children currently travel the world, immersed in humanitarian work. See Joanne’s professional profile on LinkedIn.

Colleen MacDonald
Organizational Ninja

Colleen’s first international adventure was at the age of 6 when she spent a year in South Korea with her family.

Wanderlust never left and the taste for adventure only grew.

To date, Colleen has lived in Azerbaijan, Russia, and China. She has spent nights in the jungle, hiked the Inca trail, bungee jumped in Latvia, and explored the architectural heights and depths of various foreign cities.

Realizing that the corporate world didn’t feed her soul, Colleen decided to start her own business and consult (remotely!) full time. She currently lives in Minnesota where she helps businesses grow, coordinates chaos, and writes nearly 300 social media posts a month.

As the Organizational Ninja of WorldTowning Colleen is the behind the scenes engine that keeps the business organized, schedules straight, and brings goals into tangible steps. Since she celebrates an unconventional life and the success of individuals seeking their true passions, she was naturally drawn to WorldTowning. She loves seeing WorldTowning make the world a better place!

When she is not geeking out over checklists and organization, Colleen trains for and races ultramarathons.

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