Birth of a Travel Company

When our children were young, my husband, Will, and I found ourselves wanting more –more family time, more travel, more learning and more awareness of the world.

Our parenting discussions often revolved around a central theme: we wanted to give our two children an epic childhood.

We decided that, for us, epic meant worldschooling – an up-close-and-personal education by immersion in the various cultures of the world. We wanted our children to grow not only in academics, but also in understanding, compassion, cultural awareness and language ability.

So, we left our home in the United States to live abroad. That was in 2013.

Today, for us, education, family, culture and travel are intertwined. Learning may or may not involve a formal classroom. Instead, it occurs in cities, local restaurants and markets, renowned museums, deep jungles, village farms and the kitchen table – wherever that kitchen may be for a given time.

Worldschooling has evolved to WorldTowning, and, to date, we have lived on 4 different continents – each time starting over and each time starting a new adventure.

We are ordinary people seeking an extraordinary existence. We are determined to live this life with no regrets, no dream undreamt and no opportunity untaken. Our experience has been so rich and fulfilling, we want to share it with others who dream similar dreams.

That’s our WorldTowning story. Let us help you write yours.



WorldTowning Jessica

Jessica grew up in rural Maine, where she developed a love for the outdoors. Her many diverse interests have led her to wear a number of hats throughout her life – corporate graphic designer, business owner, real estate investor, avid photographer and successful blogger. She wears no role more proudly than that of mother to her two children and passionate partner to her husband. When Jessica fused her love for family with her interest in the arts and her zest for adventure, her life as a worldschooler emerged. Her mission now is to take this to the next level and help as many people as possible to join the WorldTowning movement.

WorldTowning Will

Will, the other half of WorldTowning is a recovering corporate accountant who now builds programs for WorldTowning clients by day and and edits vlogs by night. He is also a bit of an adrenaline and adventure junkie, a marathoner and a hands-on worldschooler. He embraces the diversity of his Cuban culture and believes it fuels his love for experiencing life with people all over the world. Currently, Will is on a quest to document the family’s journey as authentically as possible, so others can join in the discovery and exploration of the world at large.

WorldTowning Avalon

Avalon has developed a deep sense of justice. This tween has already taken up the cause of women’s equality and fights hard for fairness in all dealings. It is no surprise that she has expressed interest in becoming an ambassador when she is older. Avalon speaks 3 languages, is fearless when it comes to making friends, and, although she is adventuresome when it comes to food, she has developed a palate for finer tastes.

WorldTowning Largo

The youngest of the family, Largo, is a lover not a fighter. He speaks 3 languages and readily makes friends wherever he goes. Largo has a zeal for adventure and speed; if something goes fast, he wants to be on it. Largo is proud of his Cuban heritage, and, like his dad, is interested in drones. In fact, he wants to build them when he is older.