Do You Believe In Travel Backup Plans?

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Bonjour, friends! Happy Monday! Did you read my Sunday post about racism in the US? We have to make an effort to spread love, not hate. Who is with me?

I know many of you are thinking what the heck does this amazing picture of cheese have to do with a back-up plan. Well, it doesn’t, but I thought I would let you enjoy a bit of our daily life virtually. Isn’t it amazing? Can’t you almost taste it? Come visit!

How is your day going? Happy Labor Day to our US friends and family. We hope you are adventuring and enjoying family time. AvaLar started their first full week of school today and I am anxiously waiting to hear how it went. Hearing about their new experiences never gets old. I love seeing them step outside the box and challenge themselves to come out of their comfort zone. So proud of these little buggers.

Today is my first day working from home (alone) with the hot latino! I have been working from home for well over a decade, but this will be my first time having an office mate that is over ten years old. I really don’t know what to expect. There will definitely be a post. I have some pretty lofty goals and a full plate until the launch of my new business in November. As a result, I don’t know if there will be much to report initially except two people working their butts off while the kiddos are in school. However, I am sure there will be some excitement (get your mind out of the gutter).

Let’s chat about having a Travel Backup Plan today! Do you have them? Why? Do you avoid them? Why?

I have a little secret to share with you. We did not have a backup plan if our French long-stay visa was not approved. Yep, no plan. And to add to this lack of a plan we applied for our visa at the last possible moment. Crazy? Maybe, but you already knew that.

Actually, we never really have a backup plan for anything we do. Of course, we have ideas of what we could do instead, but definitely no well-thought-out alternative. It has served both of us well up to this point in our life, so why change gears now.

So why did we wait until the last-minute to apply for the visa? When you apply for a French long-stay visa you may apply up to three months before your intended flight, however (and the big clincher) all applicants must be present to apply. At the time of our three-month mark, we were all living in Quito, Ecuador and flying four people back to Boston was not a financial option. As a result, we were left to apply for it four weeks before our flight took off. Yes, we booked a flight before we even knew if we would be allowed to live in the country.

It all worked out and we got the visas within two weeks of submitting them. We are now living our life in the south of France. No backup plan necessary.

So why didn’t we have a backup plan? I don’t know. I wish I had a good answer. Having a backup plan has never really been part of our relationship, family, personal or travel lifestyle. We don’t go out into the world shouting from the rooftops that backup plans suck or anything, but it never really occurs to us to have one. I guess at the end of the day we figure things happen for a reason and if it is not meant to be then we will reevaluate and come up with a new plan.

I have noticed the longer we travel the less of a plan we have. We do less research, we do less discussing, we pack less (ok, maybe not) and overall put less effort into organizing this traveling life and more effort into living it. If I really had to sit down and put a couple of words to it I would say that for us backup plans are time-consuming and often used as a crutch when things get tough. If we have a travel backup plan we are more inclined to figure out a solution. Although the visa situation was less about us working hard and more about the person on the other end of our application we still knew at the end of the day we would pull it together and find an alternate plan if necessary.

Now, I am not suggesting that this is how everyone should roll. You have to figure out what works best for your family, budget, and sanity. I have friends who need to have a series of backup plans in line to keep them sane and I have others who barely have a travel plan, let alone a travel backup plan.

So, tell me, do you believe in backup plans? Why? Have they served you well? Do you avoid having a travel backup plan? Why? Has this ever backfired (or backed up, haha) on you?

I’m officially back folks and it feels good. Wow, I have missed our chats. Let me know what you want me to share about our life in France. It’s almost all France time!



6 thoughts on “Do You Believe In Travel Backup Plans?

  1. We rarely have a plan let alone a back-up plan! Week next Sunday Chef has his race, then a few days to recover, after that, nothing, no plans at all but we’ll be leaving the country. Must admit, it’s nice to know what you’re doing and to have it all sorted out, these last couple of months in the UK have been simple, 3 weeks here, a month there, but now…back to winging it. It’s kinda exciting 😉 The luxury of sitting still and working over this summer has been great though, the income has really taken off. Mmmmm cheese!

  2. Well, this makes me feel better Let’s hope Jenn doesn’t read this one! Rosanna loved the AGD’s sitting at the table on your back to school dinner photo….I think she may be getting a little bit of stick about treating hers like people

    1. Don’t worry, she is in Italy drinking wine and will not find us here. Ha! OMG, ours are people and don’t try and tell either of my kids they are not. They even had their own champagne last night. Ha! How old is Rosanna? Avalon still loves them even though most of her friends have moved on. I love that she is sticking with them.

      1. She’s 9 and a half Jess but she has a bit more peer pressure around her lately-she’s coping really well though but has had a few wobbles. Please God let Avalar still be into them when we meet up

        1. I hate peer pressure! Ugh! Oh Avalon is 12 and plans on taking them to college with her. Largo is into it because he likes to play with his sister. Ha. And he likes the ladies.

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