The problem with seeking out like-minded communities


“I don’t want to be around like-minded people. I want to be around people I like.” ~ Will Sueiro

There is that word again. Like-Minded. Blah.

Although I do think there is a time and place for it in everyone’s life, I have become disenchanted with this word for many reasons. I particularly dislike its use in situations where people are searching for a course of action while embarking on a life change and this marketing “buzz word” is everywhere.

Instead of looking for people like us, why don’t we all just look for people we like? If we open our hearts to make friends with those who are different rather than those who are familiar, if we find those who are different-minded, but are people we genuinely like, imagine how much we all could grow? Like-hearted is the wave of the future!

Last week I shared the full story about why I dislike the word like-minded on Elephant Journal. I also suggested some alternatives that might be useful for WorldTowners. Take a peek here. 

Go adventure!

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