Thank You, Friends And Family!

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Bonjour, friends! It feels so weird to type these words after using hola as my greeting for almost two years, but the time has come for a new adventure and a new greeting. I may just throw in a little Spanish here and there to keep things real.

I am writing this post from the friendly skies on our way to France. A part of me just wants to chill out and binge on movies and another part wants to reach out to my blogging community and say Hi. I miss you all. It has been a busy six weeks, hence my absence from blogging. I have tons to share. I plan on posting about our US adventures during our first week in France in order to catch you all up. And then it is all France, all the time.

Today, I want to do a big shout out to all of our friends and family who welcomed us into their homes, fed us, housed us, laughed with us, cried with us, drank wine with us, encouraged us, challenged us to think deeper, and so much more. We are one lucky family to have so much love in our lives. I have said it before and I will say it again, we did not leave the US because we were unhappy and this visit proved to us again how blessed we truly are, no matter where we are in the world. We go to bed each night knowing all of you have our backs and that is something magical we get to keep all to ourselves.


Many of you changed your plans to spend time with us. You came home from vacations early. You let us roll into your homes just as you were returning from long trips or work days. You drove long distances to see us. You missed events you loved or went to events you did not love, just to be with us. You stayed up later and got up earlier than normal. You had our kids over for sleepovers, dinners, and birthday parties. You planned activities you knew we would enjoy. You bought food we were craving. You gave us a Boston, Maine, and Miami summer. You listened to our stories of the good, the bad, and the ugly. You challenged us to think even further outside the box. You told us you loved us. You inspired us. You gave us strength when we needed it. You encouraged friendships amongst our children. You supported our lifestyle choices even if you did not understand them. You hosted parties in our honor. You had cheese in your home. You made our kids feel special and welcome. You were considerate of our limited time. You let our kids be themselves and make their own choices. You understood when we were late. You knew when we needed to just sit still and quiet for a moment. You were flexible with changed or cancelled plans. You took morning walks with Largo. You shared your way of life with us. You took care of us when we were sick. You adventured with us. You made us blueberry pies, terry mcmuffins, vegetable soup and so much more. You ate candy for breakfast with us, ice cream for mid-morning snacks, and cuban bread around the clock. You let me color your hair pink. You came to our lawn sale. You let us borrow your car for a month. You shared your dreams. You watched scary movies with us. You brainstormed with us. You walked with us and just talked. You loved us for who we are.

You were all amazing! And we thank you from the bottom of our heart! Now, come visit so we can return the kindness and love.



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