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"The journey is the destination."
– Dan Eldon

Start Your Travel

Before you can start your travel and move forward with one of our customized plans, you must first decide the country and town in which you would like to spend your 3-, 6- or 12- month WorldTowning adventure. In order to reach the right destination, you have to ask – and answer – the right questions. We have created this simple list of practical questions to help you narrow your choices. If you still are undecided as to a destination after considering these questions, a 1-hour Explorer consultation may help you determine which town best suits your needs.

If you know where you want to live, then you are ready to select from our four packages below. We look forward to working with you.


What is your ideal climate? Warmer weather or chillier temperatures ?


What is your monthly budget? How will the exchange rates at various locations affect your decision? What are your work requirements?


What are your educational goals – for you or your children? Do you want to enroll in a school at your destination? Attend a religious school? Homeschool your children?


Will you be able to communicate with the people in your community? Does the idea of learning a new language excite you?


How comfortable are you in different environments? What are your safety concerns and how might they impact your choice?


Where do you love to spend time? Beaches, mountains, city, desert or other locale?

Explore our plans

With WorldTowning, your adventure begins with questions and ends with a plan, tailor - made for you. We offer you options to meet your unique needs and help you make the most of your WorldTowning experience.



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