So different, so alike

FAMILY, Growing up Maine
1989, our girls weekend trip to NH (I am in the floral hat).


This past weekend I was in Maine helping my parents with their apple orchard and I had time to meet up with my high school girls. It has been over 20 years since we hung out regularly and we can still make each other laugh like it was yesterday. How does this happen?

Over the decades we have all had our adventures, moves, babies, career changes, sadness and the list goes on. We have not chosen the same paths, same places to settle down or even similar careers. Our parenting styles and education philosophies are different as well.

At the end of the day, we all have one thing in common. We are all parents who love our children very much (and we like to have fun). It is amazing to me that after all these years and so many differences that we are able to enjoy each others company. Our continued connection has a history and our future relationship has shared loves. Funny how that happens.

Do you keep in touch with high school friends? Did you choose different paths? Can you still find a common ground that holds you all together? Do you thank them for being in your life?

The ring that bonds us.


Do you have reunions? We had our official “1st Annual Girls Weekend” outing in May. It was a celebration for all of us turning 40 that led to a “we should do this every year.”

You put 7 capable, motivated women together for a weekend and it is amazing what can happen. At the time I was on a contract job with Hasbro and working long hours, everyone arrived before me. We were all going to be staying at my parents beach cottage in Maine. I got a call from my mom that said, “they brought an ice machine, margarita maker and A LOT of food. I could not get on that train to Maine fast enough. I was so relieved to know that everyone was doing their part to make it a great weekend. I personally felt like I had dropped the ball on preparing because I was exhausted from working 80 hours a week. Really though, would you expect any less from some amazing women.

I arrived to find a lot of food, special birthday gifts (check out the rings in the pic above) and much more. My contribution was Hasbro toys for all the kiddos upon moms return and a French Toast Casserole for breakfast.

The rules of the weekend were clearly defined before we got there:
1. No cooking, cleaning or taking care of anyone.
2. Limited phone calls from companions and kids.
3. and HAVE FUN! No schedules, no guilt, etc.

The weekend was pure joy and something we all needed and deserved. When it all came to a close we do as women do, we picked up, cleaned up and worked as a team to bring the place back to its original state.

It is very special to me to have this bond of wonderful strong, capable, loving women in my life.

Gumdrop Mom

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