Podcast Interview with Extra Pack of Peanuts!


Extra Pack of Peanuts podcast!


Let’s face it, we all like to talk about ourselves and the latest things we’ve done.

But for us, we’ve realized that talking about our experience and our journey service a purpose beyond just talking:

  • Talking about our journey helps others who might be considering a life of travel.
  • Sharing our story gives encouragement to others who might feel stuck.
  • Sharing what we’ve learned paves the way for others and makes things just a little easier.
  • By discussing our mishaps and successes, others can learn to not take themselves too seriously.
  • By articulating our “why” to others, we realize how far we’ve come as a family and as individuals.
  • When we voice our struggles and celebrate our triumphs, we acknowledge our strength.

All this is to say:  We are incredibly excited and grateful for the opportunity to be on a podcast episode of Extra Pack of Peanuts.

For those that don’t know, Travis (the founder) is the ultimate guru of affordable travel and exploring the world. We couldn’t be more excited to be on his podcast and support what he is doing.

In this episode we cover a lot, from little known stories about our earlier life, to travel mishaps (you won’t want to miss this) to how we manage our public and private lives.

Listen here

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