Inside A Traveler’s Walls: The Wynns RVing Family


I would like to introduce all of you to The Wynns. Can you feel the happy in their lives? I sure can. These two adventurers have created a life for themselves that steps outside the cultural norms. And they are getting the award for the most tech savvy rig I have seen yet, oh and the cleanest. Can you believe they have pets on board as well. Do you guys have a cleaning person? Tell us the truth (wink, wink)! And look at these photos. Someone has some badass skills with the camera. Amazing Wynns.

We thought “why live in one place when we can travel with all the comforts of home and live anywhere we want for as long or short as we want!” ~ the wynns

Yet again we have accidental full-time RV’ers. They set out to find a new place to call home, but the home they found will surprise you. I have to admit this is not the first time I have heard this same statement from travelers. We fall into this category as well. Our plan was one year (with dreams of more) and now we are on our fourth year and have no plans to stop anytime soon.

And we were lucky enough to score this amazing post (Repost from 2016) from them before their sailing days. I think it might be time to ask them if they want to share their sailing story. What do you think?

Ok, enough of my chatter. Grab a cup of coffee, a comfy seat and get ready to be inspired.

RVing Family

RVing Family


Introduce us to the people you live with?
We’re The Wynns, Jason, Nikki, Cleo and Singa. We’re a perpetually traveling family of four (if you count the cats as family, which we do) and we’ve been on the move for a little over five years now. We’re addicted to moving (we struggle to stay put for more than a week), new people, new experiences, craft anything (coffee, food, beer, bourbon…) and our biggest addiction of all is adventure. We like all kinds of adventures big and small. From ice climbing to pub crawls, if it sounds fun we go for it. Except for the cats, they prefer catnip and long hikes over pub crawls.

Where are you in the world and what are you living in?
Right now we’re in our house rolling down interstate 10 in California. We’ve traveled around the USA and Canada by RV for the past five years. Our current home is a 2015 33ft Fleetwood Bounder. There have been a few different RV’s over the years and if there ever was a place to roam about in a home on wheels, the US and Canada would be it. Nice big roads, lots of wild camping opportunities and plenty of RV organizations to help with logistics.

Why did you choose to live in your current arrangement?
We originally set off on the road with the same intentions a lot of younger RV travelers do, to find a new place to call home. We did find a new place to call home, just not in the traditional sense we were originally expecting. It only took a few months on the road before we realized we wouldn’t be going back to our more sedentary life. We had only briefly tasted the excitement of perpetual travel but we knew we couldn’t ever go back. We thought “why live in one place when we can travel with all the comforts of home and live anywhere we want for as long or short as we want!”

RVing Family

What do you do to personalize your unique (less traditional) living situation?
Personalizing an RV isn’t easy without major renovation in our opinion…especially new RVs (because ripping out brand new stuff feels wasteful). Most of them look like they just stepped out of a Sanford and Sons re-run. I hate to say they look like grandma’s house because my grandmother had better taste, but you get the idea.

Our current RV was somewhat designed by us. We worked with the RV manufacturer to customize the textiles and technology in an effort to show that a cleaner, more modern and sustainable approach to RV design is something people desire. We called the project Resurrecting Dinosaurs and it was about a 50% win. We were very limited in what we could change but it still made a big difference. We chose simple fabrics, wall colors, light countertops and customizable prints in place of dated wall sconces. Add in a bowl of fruit from a local farmer’s market and some flowers picked on a hike and we are happy campers.

Our technology is what really gets us excited and is a huge part of our home and lifestyle. We love parking it out in the wild so we’re completely off grid with a solid solar system, lithium battery bank, composting toilet, water purification and data boosters.

Tell us your favorite and least favorite room in your space and why?
We like our layout but we love our L shaped sofa. There is nothing like being out in the middle of nowhere, coming home after a long hike, snuggling up on the sofa, turning on the fireplace and downloading a movie.

Our least favorite space would probably be our bathroom. It always feels a little cramped and in need of reworking.

RVing Family

RVing Family
RVing Family

RVing Family

RVing Family

RVing Family

RVing Family

RVing Family

RVing Family

RVing Family

RVing Family

RVing Family
RVing Family

RVing Family

RVing Family

RVing Family


What is the biggest misconception you had about your current living situation before you started living in it?
We really didn’t have many expectations and didn’t expect to run into very many people our age doing what we were doing. So slowly meeting other nomads and learning that community can exist in other ways was a pleasant surprise. We also didn’t know about boondocking (or wild camping as we like to call it) when we started out. We assumed we would always be parked at a campground or RV park, which wasn’t that appealing. Getting into the off-the-grid culture has made a huge difference for us and improved our lifestyle.

What is the one household item you carry with you every time you move or the one item you cannot live without?
That’s a hard question. We don’t feel attached to things anymore and could live without a lot these days. That being said, we sure do love good coffee so you can pretty much guarantee we will always have some sort of pour over or espresso contraption with us.

What do you miss most about permanent, stationary, traditional living?
Honestly, not much. The idea of a traditional sedentary life sounds like torture at this point. Sure it’s nice to not need directions because you already know where you are going, have your go-to chiropractor, the super high-speed internet or a local Wednesday happy hour with friends, but we love our lifestyle and couldn’t imagine it any other way. The challenges of this lifestyle are also the things we love most. It forces us to not be lazy, explore in new ways and to always be on our toes.

Do you have a pet joining you in this journey? If so, has this been complicated? Any advice?
Our two cats are amazing little travelers. Cleo is a homebody and prefers to lounge close to the RV and roll in the dirt while basking in the sun. Singa, on the other hand, is a man on the go! He would hike all day everyday with us if he could. He is good on a leash, or off leash. He likes to think of himself as dog, but only better because he’s a cat and cats rule. Driving in an RV is very different from driving in a car so we found they adjusted well and travel days don’t bother them a bit. We have a post about traveling with cats where we talk about leash training, meds and so on.

What is your best resource to find items you need for your place?
I have always been a fan of places like TJ Maxx Home Goods for throw blankets and pillows. Ikea is fantastic for storage solutions and kitchen extras. Then of course our all-time favorite is Amazon. We can get coco-coir for our composting toilet, a silicone spatula and cat treats all with the click of a button delivered to our doorstep at just about any campground.

If you could only have one of the following in your home which one would it be and why?
space, natural light, dishwasher or above average internet.
As long as we have a space to call our own, no matter the size, we’re good. Plus, anytime we feel the need for space, we just go outside. Internet can be found lots of places and dishwashers are great but not important, so I would have to say lots of natural light.

If you were to compare your unique (less traditional) home decorating style to a kitchen appliance or gadget what would it be and why?
A good wine aerator. It’s not 100% necessary but it can make a $3 bottle of wine taste like a $10. We don’t have much in the way of extras or fluff so we try to make everything we have count. We don’t often cheap out when something a few dollars more will provide a greatly improved experience. Because for us, life is all about the experiences!

How do you keep traditions alive for your family in your unique living situation?
We don’t really have any traditions of our own but we like to participate in others. If there is a festival, local holiday or a tradition that the locals are participating in, we participate too. I used to love what we now call “hallmark holidays” because it was something different, it was a break from the norm. So the excitement of that has faded with our more fulfilled life and now they are just reminders to call friends and family.

How do you decorate for the holidays in your unique (less traditional) home or do you skip it all together?
We don’t really decorate our home but sometimes we will pick up a Santa hat, silly costume or other temporary fun stuff for an event or festival…but not much. Christmas is an easy RV friendly holiday because we can pick up a small rosemary plant that’s shaped like a tree, throw on a few battery-powered lights and call it a day!

What is your favorite part about this lifestyle choice?
Change. We are not afraid of change and in fact we thrive on it. If you don’t like your situation, change it. If you don’t like your neighbor, move. If you don’t like the weather, go somewhere else. We have the freedom to change, morph and grow all the time.

Many traveling families subscribe to the “house is not a home” theory. What is home to you?
When people ask us where home is we respond with, “home is wherever we are”. Some people have the saddest look on their face when we say that. As if we’re homeless or without a place to go. It’s usually the people who are chained to their possessions, home, car, or town…and the idea of losing that place is enough to bring tears to their eyes. It’s one thing to be passionate about something but another to feel like it’s your life and you can’t survive without it.

We feel at home no matter where we are and that itself feels like a rare and special gift. It’s not something everyone is able to experience.

What makes you love the place you live?
I don’t love the place I live, I love the lifestyle. I love having my own bed no matter where we are. It’s my pillow and my blanket and it feels sooo good.

I would be lying if I said I love the design of my RV, I don’t. There is a lot about it I would change if I thought I was going to be in it long-term.

We are currently shopping for a sail boat to travel abroad and I am excited about that. I am looking forward to buying something older and making it reflect our personalities and style, something we haven’t really been able to do in our RVs.

Words of wisdom to anyone considering venturing out into the world of unique, less traditional homes?
Go for what best fits the lifestyle you want right now. You don’t have to find the perfect home (if such a thing exists) just one that will work for now. See what you like and don’t like and take it from there. We talk to so many people who are researching now for a lifestyle 5-10 years away. We say start small and become a weekend warrior, then you’ll have a huge leg up when it’s time to search out that full-time traveling home.

Anything else you would like offer?
Don’t over think it just get started. It’s entirely too easy to talk yourself out of a perfectly good idea.

We’re not special, uniquely talented, rich or incredibly smart. If we can do it, so can you.

You don’t have to wait for retirement to live the life you want.

Always go with your gut, it rarely steers you wrong.

How do you make a living?
Making money while traveling is not a pipe dream. It is a reality that many are living and I am one of those people. We leveraged the same skills and trade we had while living a sedentary life to make money while on the road. There are traveling nurses, bookkeepers, designers, web developers and everything in between out there making it work. We shoot video, photography and write for a living on the road.

You can read in detail just how we and others do it here.

Quote to ponder:
Change. We are not afraid of change and in fact we thrive on it. If you don’t like your situation, change it. If you don’t like your neighbor, move. If you don’t like the weather, go somewhere else. We have the freedom to change, morph and grow all the time.

If you want to learn more about the Wynns and their life you can find them at Gone With The Wynns.

Thank you Wynns for your daily dose of inspiration. I particularly loved all of your positive vibes in your writing. The world needs more doers. Doers forging their own path to live authentically. I hope our paths cross in real-time one of these days. We too plan to sail in the next couple of years. We will meet you on the ocean!

Interested in living like the Wynn Family? WorldTowning’s services can help make this rving family story ‘your reality’ and we can do it all stress free. We will be there with you every step of the way.

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Go adventure,

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