Inside A Traveler’s Walls: Jessica Sueiro


Bonjour friends! Wednesday magic is here again! Welcome new and long time followers! Every Wednesday we profile another traveling family (whether they’re single, a couple, or a more “traditional” family) and their home. We share homes that have wheels, tents, walls, smaller wheels, legs and so much more.

Today I have a surprise! It’s time for us to share our traveling family’s home in Hyères, France, but it will be in a different format because we want to share our feature from DESIGN MOM yesterday.

Now, there is a lengthy back story with this feature and I hope you will humor me and read it. Many years ago I started reading blogs as part of my research to learn about worldschooling, digital nomads, alternative lifestyles, traveling families, etc. I happened upon Gabby from Design Mom and developed a big girl crush on her and her lovely lifestyle blog. She is fabulous in all ways. These days I have very little time to read blogs since all of my focus is on our family and WorldTowning. However, I still make time for her during my week. When I saw that she was looking for more diversity in the families she features on “Living with Kids” I immediately dropped her a line. Her response was…I AM SO GLAD YOU REACHED OUT TO ME! I adore your lifestyle, and I am dying to share you with my readers. Let’s do this. I just about died! So yesterday was a dream come true day for me.

Please share, comment over at Design Mom, like and whatever else you want. I would love to get some of our followers over to her blog. She truly is a breathe of fresh air and a big thinker.

I sure hope you enjoy it. Please drop me a comment about your thoughts regarding this travel life or if you have any questions.


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