Here we go again! Inside a Traveler’s Walls is back with another amazing traveling family. It gives me great pleasure to introduce The Wilsons of Oz to all of you. Have you dreamed of living in a far off land? How about Australia? It is definitely on our bucket list!
Home is where we are. Simple as that! The four of us together is what makes our home.
You know that friend you have that makes all the bad seem good, the hard seem easy and the stress seem irrelevant? Meet Olivia, originally from the UK, but now a girl living down-under with her husband and two kids. She makes the move, adjusting, setting up house, holidays, pretty much all of it feel like a quiet walk on the beach. I need to remember this next time I have to dump the poop. Her relaxed approach to travel is truly admirable and a great source of inspiration for those of you ready to launch or those of you ready to throw in the travel towel. Don’t sweat the small stuff!
Life is short, if you don’t take a chance on seeing the wonder of another place, you will regret it.
I can’t wait for you to devour her thoughts on home, what’s next and why now is now? Poppy and Monty are lucky kids to have such adventurous and fearless parents as role models. Family and home comes in all different shapes and sizes, seizing the moment is crucial. The Wilsons of Oz remind us what it is like to fight those fears and go after the travel dreams before it is too late. Who needs the bigger house or newer car? Not I said the lady living in Oz or the lady living in the motorhome. Grab a cup of coffee, a comfy seat and get ready to be inspired.

Traveling Family

Introduce us to the people you live with?

I live with my husband Tim, and our two children Poppy (9) and Monty(5). We are very close and rely on each other for all sorts of things, as we have no family in Australia. We have become closer than ever before. Poppy is your average 9-year-old Tomboy, loves footie, movies and travelling, she has nailed 15 countries already; Monty is possibly the craziest 5 year old on the planet, all about bottoms, poo and adores staying in hotels (Go figure)! Our move to Australia was hard for Poppy as she was leaving everyone she had ever known, Monty was too young to know what was happening at 3. It was a big move for Tim and I, however we have embraced every moment, and look forward to creating more adventures when our time in Australia comes to an end. We have always loved travelling, so this won’t be our destination!

Where are you in the world and what are you living in?

We live in a house in a suburb of Melbourne, on the bay, by the beach.

Why did you choose to live in your current arrangement?

My husband was offered a job in Melbourne, and this house became available. We landed on our feet as it’s a beautiful suburb, family friendly, the beach is glorious, and Melbourne is the most livable city in the world!

What do you do to personalize your unique (less traditional) living situation?

We shipped the contents of our UK home to Australia. This meant we had all our home comforts even though we are over 10,000 miles away. We make it a priority to have pictures up on the walls as soon as we get into a new house. It instantly makes it home!

Tell us your favorite and least favorite room in your space and why?

My favourite room in our house is our open plan kitchen/lounge room. It’s where we have dined with friends who have quickly become family to us. We love to share our home. My least favourite room has to be my daughters as it’s got no view from the window, and is a tip!

What is the biggest misconception you had about your current living situation before you started living in it?

We had never been to Australia when we moved to Sydney and we adored it. Then to up sticks and move to Melbourne 18 months later was a huge move for us all. We were told the weather was dreadful, and I was worried that we’d all hate that after Sydney’s blue skies. The truth is, we settled very quickly, and we have very few bad days here.

What is the one household item you carry with you every time you move or the one item you cannot live without?

I always take my photographs. I adore that they are a moment in time that we will never see again. A snap shot into the past. I love sharing photos with my children, and my friends. You learn so much about people through the photos they have. It’s always a good talking point, no matter about language barriers.

What do you miss most about permanent, stationary, traditional living?

I miss the security of knowing that my parents are close by if they need me. I sometimes feel like we are not “building” a future for our children, like everyone back at home, getting promotions, and buying bigger houses and more expensive cars. I feel like we’re maybe living too much for the moment, with no clear plans. Although I also think it’s a wonderful way to grow up!

What is the one item your children carry with them to make their unique (less traditional) home more comfortable?

They always have certain toys with them when we travel. They keep them close by! My daughter also has leaving cards from her friends in the UK which she treasures, and still looks through.

Do you have a pet joining you in this journey? If so, has this been complicated? Any advice?

We didn’t bring a pet with us, although we have just bought a couple of fish for the children as they desperately wanted a pet. I think it makes them feel settled in some way! We just can’t commit to a dog or a cat, as we don’t know where we’re going in 18 months time. We’d love to try living in China.

What is your best resource to send items you need for your place?

Ikea has to be an expats favourite furniture store. Easy to stop there, and you don’t feel too devastated if you have to leave the furniture behind! We are in a much bigger house than ever before, and Ikea was a great place to find reasonably priced things to fill extra bathrooms etc!

If you could only have one of the following in your home which one would it be and why?

Space, natural light, dishwasher or above average internet.

Definitely above average internet! We don’t have that here. I am ALL about my friends, and desperately love keeping in touch. The internet is everything to me, being so far from home, with an awkward time difference. We share our children’s lives with their grandparents via the internet and I get to join my girlfriend’s on nights out via video chat!

If you were to compare your unique (less traditional) home decorating style to a kitchen appliance or gadget what would it be and why?

Definitely a masher! Our home is a mish mash of things we have picked up on our travels, paired with favourite comfy chairs, travel books, the latest gadgets, a two hundred year old desk…

How do you keep traditions alive for your family in your unique living situation?

We try to keep traditions alive, by making Christmas very British even in 40 degrees of heat. We always do the same thing on Christmas eve, we have fish and chips, and a Christmas movie all together. Apart from that, we have no other traditions, no set rules, and no real schedule other than the school day! Routine is not our favourite thing.

How do you decorate for the holidays in your unique (less traditional) home or do you skip it all together?

We brought all our decorations from the UK to Australia, so we make Christmas the same as it’s always been. Our Christmas tree goes up on the first weekend in December, and we all stay in for the day with Christmas music on, decorating the house. The children take turns each year to put the star on the tree, we leave treats out for Santa and the reindeer. We love Christmas!

What is your favorite part about this lifestyle choice?

Allowing my children to experience another culture, another life, another country is the best thing about our lifestyle. Teaching them that there is a whole world at their finger tips and they absolutely do not need to stand still for long…

Many traveling families subscribe to the “house is not a home” theory. What is home to you?

Home is where we are. Simple as that! The four of us together is what makes our home. My son calls every hotel or hostel we stay in “home”, and that says it all. He always says, “I can’t wait to be in our new home” when we go somewhere new!

What makes you love the place you live?

I love everything about Melbourne. I love the people, the diverse range of food, the museums, the way of life, the cafe culture, the countryside around it, the beaches. It is a perfect mix of everything you could ever want in a city!

Can home be a person, or an idea?

Home can absolutely be a person and an idea. For me it’s about the people.

Words of wisdom to anyone considering venturing out into the world of unique, less traditional homes?

My words of wisdom would be….Just go! Life is short, if you don’t take a chance on seeing the wonder of another place, you will regret it. You have to see other lands, wake up in different places, and take risks. That’s what living is really about.

What is next for you? Will you continue to live in your current home or try something different?

We are in Australia until early 2019, and not sure where we will go after that. The world is our oyster, the children are explorers, and we are willing to go wherever the wind takes us.

How do you educate your children?

Our children have settled in to local public schools very well, and we have been lucky in Australia that this is an option. If we were to go somewhere where we didn’t have the option of English-speaking education, we would definitely look at home schooling, or world schooling. We are open to all ideas. The main thing is that the kids are happy, and making the most of the journey we’re all on.

How do you make a living?

My husband is our main earner; he works in the food industry as a food technologist. This is how we travel, as there are jobs available to him worldwide. I am a freelance writer, so I can write on the road. It works well for us.

Quote to ponder

Life is short, if you don’t take a chance on seeing the wonder of another place, you will regret it.




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