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Here we go again! Inside a Traveler’s Walls is back with another amazing RVing family. It gives me great pleasure to introduce Less Junk, More Journey. 
Life is short. Make the most of your time.
The Moss family is rving the USA with their daughter Hensley in the coolest Airstream. And they remodeled it themselves with a toddler running around. I am majorly impressed. They are my downsizing inspiration! And to think one of them was initially skeptical about downsizing. Can I tell you a secret, someone in our family was skeptical as well, but boy has he (oops, gave it away) come around. Will is now the leader of minimalism in our family.

Make memories, spend time with the ones you love, and have no regrets. Home is more than sticks and bricks~ Marissa

This post is full of amazing inspiration, creativity, authentic living and so much more. The first time I saw one of their YouTube videos I knew I had to have them on IATW for all of you to enjoy. Get ready, they really are amazing and super cute to boot.

Ok, enough of my chatting, grab your coffee and get comfortable. It’s time to be inspired by this rving family.

RVing Family


Hello we are the Moss Family! Nathan has always had a minimalist mindset and thought outside of the box. He introduced me to the idea of RV travel after the birth of our daughter. I (Marissa) wanted more family time and downsizing was the best option for our family. Our daughter Hensley just turned 3 and is our little traveler. She enjoys hiking, nature, and spending time with her family. She is our little social butterfly and has lived the RV lifestyle since age 1. Nathan loves the simplicity of having less and I have struggled with letting go of “stuff”, but the reward is great and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Where are you in the world and what are you living in?

We live in an 08 Airstream Classic currently parked in Utah.

Why did you choose to live in your current arrangement?

The birth of our daughter fueled our desire to begin the RV lifestyle. We didn’t want the typical 9-5 punching the time clock job and dropping our daughter off at daycare. We wanted to make family memories together and spend quality time together. Downsizing was the best way to do so, and putting our home on wheels, working mobile, and traveling was a bonus.

What do you do to personalize your unique (less traditional) living situation?

We looked at multiple layouts to create a family space we could call home. We are renovating an 08 Classic Airstream by removing the large wardrobe and creating a toddler space complete with bunk. Underneath the bunk is her play space and she loves having an area to call her own. We also removed the dinette and built custom benches to allow for more room and storage. In addition we painted the cabinets, replaced the doors, and added curtains and cushions to help create a more modern space we could call home.

Tell us your favorite and least favorite room in your space and why?

Our favorite room would be our living/kitchen area. It is cozy, but large enough for toddler activities. Our least favorite room would be the RV bathroom. It does not always smell like roses in there, but it is nice having one on board.

What is the biggest misconception you had about your current living situation before you started living in it?

We worried the space would be too small to live in. The space is perfect for us. It can be cleaned up quickly and allows us to see the country. We are comfortable and happy with our space. It is amazing how much space we actually need to live and be happy.

What is the one household item you carry with you every time you move or the one item you cannot live without?

We can not live without our Verizon hotspot. We work while being mobile, so internet is essential to our travels. This provides us a way to work from the road and produce Youtube videos of our adventures.

What do you miss most about permanent, stationary, traditional living?

We miss family and friends the most. It is difficult traveling and being away from the people you love the most. We travel back to our hometown to visit 1/3 of the year including the holidays.

What is the one item Hensley carries with her to make her unique (less traditional) home more comfortable?

Our daughter is attached to her blanket. No matter where we are in the country or what RV we are living in, she has comfort in her familiar blanket.

If you could only have one of the following in your home which one would it be and why?

Space, natural light, dishwasher or above average internet
We started out thinking space was the most importance aspect of a home. Now we have transitioned and natural light is huge to us. If we have natural light the space feels larger and we are all in better moods because of it. Internet is essential to our mobile business, so we had ourselves driving around town looking for service at times.

How do you keep traditions alive for your family in your unique living situation?

We still continue to make holidays and birthdays special in our family. We travel back to our hometown for Thanksgiving and Christmas every year. We can choose where we want to be for special occasions like birthdays or events. For our daughter’s birthday, we filled the RV with balloons. She had a blast and felt special.

How do you decorate for the holidays in your unique (less traditional) home or do you skip it all together?

For Christmas we buy a small table top tree. We decorate it with lights and the smell of the real tree is amazing. After Christmas we donate the decor and the tree is discarded. Nothing has to be stored, but we get to enjoy the feel of the Christmas tree.

What is your favorite part about this lifestyle choice?

Freedom! By living with less, we have so much more. We have quality family time, flexibility, and freedom to live life to the fullest.

Many traveling families subscribe to the “house is not a home” theory. What is home to you?

As they say, “home is where you park it”. Our family is our home, no matter where we are. We have less house, but more living.

What makes you love the place you live?

We love where our home on wheels can take us. We can make home the beach, mountains, desert, whatever we choose. Our RV can take us to amazing places where we create family memories that will last a lifetime.

Can home be a person, or an idea?

To us, home is where you feel love and affection. We get plenty of that with this lifestyle.

Words of wisdom to anyone considering venturing out into the world of unique, less traditional homes?

Don’t let fear hold you back. If we let fear control us, we never live life to the fullest. We wanted a life of no regrets. You can always go back to the traditional way of living if it is not for you. We didn’t want to look back and wonder what if?

Anything else you would like offer?

Life is short. Make the most of your time. Do what you love and don’t let “stuff” control your happiness. Make memories, spend time with the ones you love, and have no regrets. Home is more than sticks and bricks.

What is next for you? Will you continue to live in your current home or try something different?

We love Fulltime RV living. We see no end in sight at this point in our adventure.

If you have children what are your plans for education?

We are still unsure if we will choose to “road school” or settle down in a more permanent setting for education. We are doing our researching and deciding what is best for her and her learning. Road schooling is a great way to teach your children hands on. We have already seen a huge growth in her learning the past 2 years.

How do you make a living?

I (Marissa) am an RN and work PRN when we travel back to our hometown to visit family. Nathan does webdesign, manages rental properties, and we have a Youtube Channel called Less Junk More Journey where we document our journey to help others who want to live this lifestyle.

Quote to ponder:

Life is short. Make the most of your time.



Amazing, right? Life unfolds in mysterious ways. They created a new normal, their child adjusted and the rest is history. I just love seeing families with young children forging their own path in an effort to have more family time.

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  1. You folks are doing a great service for people who’s travel days are over and relive all the great travels they had in their early days.

    1. Thank you for your comment Robert. I love this! We have so many different followers: those who travel, those who want to, those who don’t want to travel (but want to learn) and those who are done traveling. I just love this community! So happy you had those travel days, marvelous, right?

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