Inside A Traveler’s Walls: Sueiro Family in Hyères, France



For this week’s IATW we have a slightly different format for you! We are sharing our home from when we were a traveling family living in Hyères, France through a feature with Design Mom.

If you know me, you know I love travel and minimalist lifestyle blogs. It just so happened that a handful of years ago this interest lead me to Design Mom (run by Gabby) and a feature. Take a peek below for the story on how I found Design Mom and then be sure to check out the feature over on the blog.

“We have felt so much love and warmth for no reason, except that people are good, everywhere. Travel has reaffirmed my belief in humanity.” – Jessica Sueiro

Many years ago I started reading blogs as part of my research to learn about worldschooling, digital nomads, alternative lifestyles, traveling families, etc. I happened upon Gabby from Design Mom and developed a big girl crush on her and her lovely lifestyle blog. She is fabulous in all ways. These days I have very little time to read blogs since all of my focus is on our family and WorldTowning. However, I still make time for her during my week. When I saw that she was looking for more diversity in the families she features on “Living with Kids” I immediately dropped her a line. Her response was…I AM SO GLAD YOU REACHED OUT TO ME! I adore your lifestyle, and I am dying to share you with my readers. Let’s do this.” I just about died! We were able to chat with Gabby and create a feature with a glimpse into our home in France. I hope you enjoy this installment of our story!

“We believe the lessons the kids are learning about how to live simply and below our means will stay with them forever” – Jessica Sueiro

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