I’m Taking A Pause From Blogging!


Hello everyone!

It is Friday and today I am going to stray from our regularly scheduled program to share some information regarding this blog. Starting today I will be taking a one (to two) month pause from blogging. I am going to be honest. I need to step away temporarily for several reasons.

Burn out

I am a bit burned out after five years of blogging. I want to regroup and stimulate those creative juices again. Many bloggers take a break to refresh and they come back with a new approach, programs and youthfulness.

Business Development

Will and I have been working six to seven days a week for over a year now. I know this is what goes along with starting a passion based business. I get it. I don’t need a pause from blogging because I plan to vacation for a month, sleep in or read all the books I have backlogged in my Kindle. I am taking a pause from blogging because I want to put more time into business development for WorldTowning. Freeing up the time I spend blogging will give me the extra hours we need.

Get Organized

We have hired an amazing lady to help us streamline systems, get organized and automate as many areas as possible. As a result, we see our time management getting a complete overhaul allowing us to bring back blogging and focus on business development all at the same time, but we do need time to work through the processes and come back with a bang.


We have a handful of new features we want to add to WorldTowning, as well as WorldTowning University and with our limited time we are unable to give these the attention they need.

Family Time

We want to work a day less a week so that we can be more present with our children as we roam around Europe. We are missing way too much working these insane hours and it is time to refine everything. We do believe this is possible, but it does require our immediate attention.

All valid reasons, right?

This was a very hard decision for me to make, even if it is only a month (or two). I have not taken a break since I started five years ago. The blog adds to the business, shares stories and keeps us all connected, which makes it hard to take a pause. I love the blog and I know I will feel the void in my life, however I do believe it is necessary for us to breathe for a moment in order to effectively move forward.

Here is the thing, we are lucky. Our business is doing well and we want to grow it, but we are starting to realize that it takes a village to raise a family AND grow a business. We don’t have that village while WorldTowning so we need to make compromises or hard decisions in other areas. We have been discussing this for months, but it was just so hard to pull the trigger. Well, that day has come. Yes, it is scary.

We will still be producing our weekly YouTube vlogs and active on Instagram (especially stories) so hop on over there and be sure to follow and subscribe. We can still keep in touch, but we will just have to use another form of social media for the meantime.

I will miss all of you, your kind words, your laughs and genuinely connecting through social media. However, when we come back we will be refreshed and ready to share all of our new developments.

We appreciate your understanding during this time of transition, growth and renewing.

See you soon. And, go adventure!


2 thoughts on “I’m Taking A Pause From Blogging!

  1. Hey Jess, chill, relax. You know I’ve never once followed any sort of blogging schedule ( also 5 years, bit over, didn’t know you’d been going that long), you don’t need to, just post when you want to or feel inspired to and all will be well. Hope you’re not feeling too stressed. I know I’m up to my eyes right now too but I can step away any time I like, I’m just a bit of a workaholic. Comes with the territory. First time I’ve been to your new site, it looks great! x

    1. Well, chill and relax are not necessarily part of the plan for the next two months, but I get the idea. Ha. However, I do feel the blog contributes considerably to the business or at least that is what our clients say so it has been a tough choice, but necessary for us to move forward. Thanks so much for your thoughts on this. I know the workaholic gene well, but I am working to be less on one. As a result, I am missing out on way too much. Have a great day.

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