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Hello everyone,

It sure has been a while since I posted. There is a really good reason, I promise. Well, maybe not really good, but a reason.

I have hesitated to write this post because I keep thinking something will miraculously change, but it has not and I am now realizing it will not. Many of you may have seen this coming. I have not written consistency for close to a year. I have taken hiatuses previously to allow myself time to focus on other projects several times and eventually come back to the blog with a renewed spirit focusing on writing, to find myself again, needing yet another hiatus. After a span of time, I just left with no explanation. For that I am sorry. My plan was to write this post a month ago, but then we got robbed (big time) in Brussels and life got really crazy.

The fact is this. In March of 2017 we launched our business WorldTowning. I tried my hardest to keep posting here regularly in an effort to give helpful tips about this lifestyle choice, share our adventures and connect with all of you. But, time has been at a premium since we started our business. I held on as long as I could. Frankly, I still don’t want to say goodbye. I love this community, but the time has come. Could you please meet me on another platform? Pretty please with sugar on it?

I had never envisioned that starting a business, motorhoming around Europe, WorldSchooling a teen/tween and maintaining a YouTube channel would take up as much time as it has. This is by no means a complaint. I love our life. It is full, but we are working on projects we love, our clients rock and we are living our authentic life with Avalon and Largo before it is too late. However, I cannot do it all, as much as I keep telling myself I can.

I started this blog just over six years ago with this post under the blog named Goodie Goodie Gumdrop. Can I tell you a secret? For the first four months I only shared the blog with four people because I was so darn scared. I have never been great with grammar and I was petrified of being ridiculed because of it. I write today saying I don’t care what others think of my grammar. My skills clearly lie elsewhere and I am not ashamed to admit it,  plus I hired a really good editor (wink, wink). But, I did not let her at this post, so have a go at it grammar police.

I want to say a very big thank you and extend a virtual hug and kiss to all of you for being with us all of these years. Your support, kind words, suggestions, funny jokes and sharing have meant the world to me. I cannot stress enough how having all of you as part of our community has inspired me beyond words. You have inspired me to be a better writer, a better parent, a better traveler and most important, a better giver. Your support has given me the confidence to grow our community from a blog to a movement, the WorldTowning movement and for that I will forever be grateful. I could never envisioned that this blog would one day be the catalyst for a passion let business where we would help others live out their travel dreams across the globe. I wish words could convey how grateful I am for what you have brought to my life, please always consider yourself a Worldtowning ambassador and a contributor to the development of our global business.

If you are new here and you find yourself saying “oh darn,” no worries. We have six years of archives for you to read through. I am guessing that will take at least a couple of months and when you are done we have many other ways you can connect with us. Which brings me to this…. I am going to miss all of you, but we can still connect elsewhere. We have an active Instagram (and very active stories), a YouTube channel which we post on several times a week and we are here as consultants. WorldTowning and WorldTowning University is here to help you with all the logistics surrounding full-time travel. We just started our fifth year of full-time travel and we are here to share what we have learned about emotions, medical, education, tech, finance, visas and so much more. So let’s not say goodbye, instead let’s meet on another platform or on video to chat about getting you WorldTowning. This is definitely not “the end,” we are growing in leaps and bounds and we have so much planned going forward.

As a family we will continue to WorldTown because it is the ideal lifestyle for us. Our goal is to connect with locals in an effort to learn about the people of the world and its vast cultures, to have grand adventures and to bond deeply as a family. If you want to see why/how we do this and why getting to know the world is so important for our development as a race join us over at YouTube. 

Love you all! Until we meet again. xoxo

Go adventure,


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Blog!

  1. Onward….one can’t do everything. If you need to refocus your energy good on you. I can’t wait to see what your next adventure is. It is amazing to see how Avalon and Largo are growing up so fast. Your adventures need to be as fast as they are changing and growing. Power of the Universe to all of you. XO Stella in California.

    1. Thanks Stella. I would love to come back to this platform at some point, but now I need to focus my business energy elsewhere. Thanks for your support. These kiddos are so much fun to travel with.

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