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Hello friends. How are you doing? I missed all of you yesterday. We had family visiting for the day in Cocoa Beach and I was taking care of a sick little Avalon (in the evening) so I never had time to get this post up. This girl is one tough cookie and she hates to miss the party so getting her to rest is an ongoing battle even when she has a high fever. Today is going to consist of lots of rest for her and design deadlines for me.

On Sunday we spent the day at Discovery Cove swimming with the dolphins and exploring water life. I am working on a full report of our experience for tomorrows post and Will has so much GoPro footage that he might have to make it into a short film. Ha Ha. But, for today lets talk about finding your passion in a career and the Dolphin Trainers that reminded us to never stop encouraging our children to find their passion.

The more we travel the greater opportunity we have to meet people from all over the world who have different passions and unique careers. Travel has exposed us to many careers that break away for the traditional corporate mold, take risks and fight fears. We encourage AvaLar to ask people questions about their career so they can get a better understanding of all the options available to them. On Sunday the kiddos got a thorough lesson about what it is like to be a Dolphin Trainer. Christine and Melissa gave us a behind the scenes tour of a day in their life, as well as answered a plethora of questions. Avalon has expressed interest in being a Dolphin Trainer and I am glad she finally had the opportunity to really see what it all means in the real world.

These ladies work hard. They work rotating shift hours which often requires them to work through the night. Their schedule is not consistent like a 9 to 5’er (I guess it is more like a 7-7’er in todays world), they have a variety of responsibilities-some more desirable than others, their pay is on the lower end of the spectrum and they have some risk in what they do. But, they get to be outside everyday, follow their passion, meet new and interesting people, have experiences some of us will never do or see in our lifetime, be a positive contributor to the environment and much more. Ladies, your life rocks.

I found it completely refreshing to meet two young women who appear to truly enjoy what they do. Two ladies who did not follow the money, the wishes of their parents or the pressures of society to fit into the corporate mold. Two ladies who filled our day with passion and stories about the life of a Dolphin trainer. Two ladies who are environmentally conscious, kind to animals and who see the value in less is more. Thank you Christine and Melissa for inspiring our little travels to follow their heart, go against the grain and work hard for what they want in life.

How do you educate your children on different career options? Travel seems to be our biggest inspiration in career education. I would love to hear what other suggestions you have for career education for the youth of today.

Have a great Wednesday. I plan to upload a picture of my mobile office on Instagram later today. Be prepared, it is peaceful, scenic and inspirational beyond belief. Thanks for reading.



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