Family Travel Business. I’m No Longer Temporarily Retired.



Bonjour friends! We are settling nicely into our life in Hyères, France. The weather is pretty darn hot, but we aren’t complaining because we get to eat dinner each night on our patio overlooking the massive amounts of trees. I can’t believe we are really living here. Honestly, I can’t even believe we are living this life. Oh my 26 year old self would have never believed that our life would become this.

Retirement, ha! I’m not retired forever, I am just retired from career number one. There seemed to be some confusion during our US visit where occasionally people thought I was fully retired forever. Nope! I would not even want that if we could afford it. I love working and pushing that creative button. However, the time has come for me to reinvent and that is where I am now. If you ask me my title today it would be Reinventor!

The last two years have been tough for me from a work standpoint. I have been maintaining my design business while organizing our travel life/home/parenting, blogging, managing our real estate, world schooling one child and often doing it alone because Will was traveling for work. Something had to give or I was going to have a breakdown. I was feeling less and less fulfilled with my design work and more inspired to focus my energy on my three loves: family, travel and real estate.

Over the next two months I will be working with branding, video, marketing and social media experts to bring a family/travel/real estate business to life. The business would have never been thought of if we had not started slow traveling the world. Without letting the cat fully out of the bag I will leave you with this. If you have always wanted to travel longer than your two-week vacation then I am here to answer your travel dreams. As the weeks roll on I may be asking random questions to pick your brain as part of my attempt to create the perfect business for all of you to utilize. I appreciate any feedback you are willing to share at that time.

We have no intention of stopping this blog because of the business. I may try to link the two together more, but at this point I don’t have it fully thought out. We will continue to travel and change countries every year. Plus, starting again next year we will have two 100% world schooled children who will not be attending a traditional, brick and mortar school. Our family has some big plans for the next six months, but I am confident that we can accomplish them all and still have time for a French lesson here and there. Fingers crossed.

I am not retired in the sense that all of us immediately think of when we hear the words, but I am done with being a graphic designer. The time has come to explore other dreams that make my heart sing. I can’t wait to take all of you with me on this adventure. Are you ready?

Have you ever retired from one career to move on to another? Are you glad you did it? What obstacles did you fight along the way? Any words of wisdom?



6 thoughts on “Family Travel Business. I’m No Longer Temporarily Retired.

  1. we are in a same cycle of reinvention and discovery. every 8 years we seem to change directions/careers, and it is amazing. I think it is needed to keep the soul alive and the curious mind satisfied. can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds for you guys.

  2. Love this! And yes, I have switched careers big time! I went to graduate school in my 20s and received an MPH & PhD in Epidemiology. I worked in state gov’t & academia until my second son was born, did some national consulting work to only realize that working 60-80 hrs a week was not what I wanted as a mom. My husband & I are foodies & decided to then create a snack food company, Rex’s Outrageous Road Crew Crunch. I put epidemiology on hold, dug deep into what I could remember of my undergrad business & marketing degree, & we slowly grew our snack food company to a regional brand in New England. After a decade, we sold our company last year, are part of the executive team, are the founders & innovators of new products for the company, & our product line is now going national in the USA! It has been a once in a lifetime experience that I would have never been able to have if it wasn’t for accepting risk, going for it, and working our tails off to make a company and product that people love. I say, “Go for it & enjoy the ride!”.

    1. Annette I love your story! Truly this is amazing and exactly what I am always talking about. We have to take those risks and go after what we want in life. We get one shot at this, unless of course you believe in reincarnation and if that is the case then I would like to come back as a cat. Ha! Congrats on the success and take a big leap of faith. Exciting. Are you looking to travel? Is that how you found me? Bisous.

  3. I did that. I retired for my 10 year stint as a professional makeup artist and hairdresser for theater, fashion and TV; when we started traveling and changing countries every two years. I have slowly moved on to working as a graphic designer! I have always done that for my own marketing, so now I do it for other bloggers and I love it! Reinventing is awesome.

    1. Congrats Orana! So happy you are in the design field. I have loved it so much and it has been good to me. I think it is a fabulous travel life career, I just burned out. Bummer. Congrats on the travel life as well. It is grand isn’t it?

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