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Inside A Traveler’s Walls: Lyndy Atkinson


Bonjour, friends! Have you missed Inside A Traveler’s Walls? I know I have! Let’s do this! Just a quick note, welcome new followers! I know a lot of you are curious about our future business. I promise it will be worth the wait. January 2017!!! If you are new here, I would like to introduce you to our […]

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Art on the Road: Hair Gel

ART, Birthdays, Other Art

Hola friends. Happy Friday! Do you have any plans to adventure this weekend? Mom and dad head back to the US on Monday so hopefully we can fit in a Sunday adventure outside of Quito. Did you see yesterdays post about how we are doing in Quito? This is one cool city! I highly recommend […]

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Birthdays are BIG in our house! HUGE!


Hola friends. Wow, this week has flown by. Did you read yesterdays post about the Nance family? Anyone ready to set sail with their children? I know we are. Let’s chat about birthdays today. When we lived in the states I was always fascinated by the different ways birthdays were celebrated. Some families would keep […]

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Art on the Road: Sharpie Tie Dye Shirts

Birthdays, Other Art

Hola friends. It’s Friday! I missed you yesterday. I have been doing double duty the last couple of weeks with my design work and planning Avalon’s curriculum for 6th grade. Phew! I should finish by Wednesday of next week. This world schooling stuff is hard work. As much as I am trying not to work […]

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A Message from Avalon

Birthdays, FAMILY

Hello friends. Just a little message for you to enjoy this weekend. Last Christmas Avalon made Largo a bus out of a box and she inscribed the following message: If you believe in yourself anything can happen. I just love it. No further explanation is necessary. Happy Sunday. xoxo, Jessica  

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Flashback Friday: Birthday Shirt

ART, Birthdays

Hello friends. Hello Friday, I guess at this point it is almost Saturday on the east coast. Have you ever had four 8-year old girls spend the night at your house? Well, last night Avalon had her birthday sleepover early because we will be in Paris for her actual birthday. These girls can talk and […]

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Flashback Friday: Edible Bracelets (Yum)

ART, Birthdays, Other Art, Valentines Day

Hello friends. Yum, bracelets you can eat. Can you think of a better project than this? Do you remember those candy necklaces from our childhood? I loved those. My kids received one at a birthday party a couple of weeks ago. I do not remember them being that awful. It was all I could do […]

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Bicycle Remodelling: How To

ART, Birthdays, EDUCATION, Other Art

Hello Friend. This is a true story of a bike that was transformed from its princess roots to a fire breathing dragon. It was pretty simple and quick. I am sure you are aware of how costly replacement bikes can be. Over the years we have reduced this cost by using craigslist and lawn sales […]